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What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the usage of social networks & social media websites to promote a service or a product. It is also a process that involves creating tailored content for social media platforms that boost engagement & lead to conversions. Social media marketing consists of connecting with your target audience & giving them a better understanding of your brand. It also helps in improving business growth. Imagine for a bit that you are meeting a person for the 1st time & would like to grow a relationship with them. What’s the best thing to do in order to make the person like you since you know you wont be getting a second chance. Are you going to be successful after meeting that person or will they be meaningless & boring. Just like it is in the offline world, your social media marketing growth journey depends on your capability to tap your target audience & make them so that they appreciate your brand & also like to share your stories with other people.


Strategies to improve social media marketing for startup

Choose The Right Social Media Platforms

Identifying the best social media marketing platform is the 1st step to improving your online presence. This could be Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn or Twitter. Successful Social Media Strategies for Startups In India generally consist of having at least 4-5 social media platforms where they can find the right audience to show an interest in their service or product. Apart from these, you could also try platforms that are niche specific, for example: dribble, ravelry, inbound or growthhackers.

Making Target Audience The Focal Point

In order to generate leads, you need to hit all the right zones of your target audience. Facebook has a feature that can help you out the most in this scenario. It also uses attributes like behaviour, area, country or bios that are related to the niche of the startup. Targeting the audience won't just help your startup earn a great reputation but also ease the process of data collection of those who are interested in your brand.

Create Good Content

Around 300 million people around the world upload photos on Facebook regularly, which means your market has people in abundance. You just need to market your brand in such an effective way that all your content including videos & pictures will catch the eye of the target audience. Ensure that your content is creative, engaging & pleases the target audience as well. Remember that it is more about representing the startup graphically & enticing the customer to click on the ad first.

Creating A Content Publishing Calendar

Having a proper publishing calendar will allow you to schedule & organize your content effectively. It will also help organize your presence online & allow you to focus on other important tasks such as avoiding repeat content & maximizing reach as well. With a proper content calendar, work becomes easy & simple & you will easily be able to repurpose the content across various channels. Not just that, you will not need to post the content in real time. You can simply schedule them from before via tools like hootsuite. That way you will stay more productive & maximize your engagement on social media posts.

What are the benefits of social media marketing for startups?

Increases web traffic

One of the greatest social media marketing benefits is that it brings more traffic towards the websites. Studies have also suggested that most businesses use social media platforms to increase their sales & boost traffic. Not just that, having more users on the website helps you become more aware of the services & products. It also brings in more new businesses & helps you maximize traffic on the website.

Reduces Marketing Costs

A lot of marketing costs can come down effectively if you use social media marketing. This thought is especially true for SMEs & digital startups. Either you could be posting promotional offers, upload pins on Pinterest or use LinkedIn to make new customers & it won't be expensive at all. All you will need here is a bit of creativity & time. Many advanced startups also like to use Facebook, Twitter & LD to advertise all their products through promotional campaigning as well. When you begin comparing such platforms to traditional channels, you will notice the cost to reach out to more people is lesser on social media platforms. That’s why a lot of people prefer Social Media Marketing For Startups In India

Builds Customer Loyalty

For every startup, it is important to not only reach out to new customers but also retain them. Building loyalty & trust is something every brand should focus on. Recent surveys have also suggested that customers who follow their brands on social media platforms are most likely to remain loyal & share them with others as well. Not just that, it helps in attracting new business & customers as well.

How does social media marketing help you generate leads?

Leverage Those Paid Ad CampaignsLeverage Those Paid Ad Campaigns

A lot of businesses run extensive paid ad campaigns to reach out to the right audience, increase their fan growth, engagement & more. Doing this includes getting hold of the right data & vital insights & using them as an effective tool to make your social media game more effective & powerful. If you do this in the right manner, it could help you save costs & business time as well. For most startups social media strategy in India is more about using the right tools so that lead generation is easy and the business is able to grow successfully

Use Social Media To Drive TrafficUse Social Media To Drive Traffic

A golden way for marketers to improve their traffic is by leveraging major components of their social media. These kinds of ads could be a bane for marketers to engender conversions, engagement & find a good set of leads along with attendees for the webinar. Some cool ways to improve your traffic includes increasing signups with image advertisements & tweets. Creating enough image shares for social media platforms could also help you create a winning strategy. Along with this, you could also promote your webinar via blog posts. This will help you position your brand as an expert & let others know about the webinar & its various benefits.

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