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The best way to increase your business is by hiring a WordPress development company.

As the most popular Content Management System, WordPress is utilized to create a business website and publish content to a blog. It is the CMS platform of choice for many website developers because it is simple to use and extremely fast to develop sites. With it, you can choose from an array of themes, plugins, and templates and customize them anytime you wish.

WordPress is a fantastic platform for online entrepreneurs who want to be a bigger brand. In addition to showcasing your products and services, a WordPress-based website is also a great marketing tool to spread your brand's name. Despite your familiarity with WordPress website development, you must seek advice or hire the best WordPress development services to supplement your knowledge and expertise. An engaging and authentic website is all you need to do for your business with the help of a WordPress development company. We will have an in-depth discussion about the top reasons why business owners should hire a WordPress developer.

Overview of WordPress CMS

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS), allowing you to build and maintain a website without coding expertise. You can customize your site in virtually every detail with this software.

Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little created the first version of WordPress in 2003. The platform was initially designed to help people host their blogs on the web. However, its flexibility and power have grown over time, making it a flexible, powerful site-building tool. The platform is open-source and free. It is the most easily accessible and powerful blogging and website-building platform in existence today. At the end of June 2021, it was powering more than 40% of the top 10 million websites and an estimated 60% of websites created.

Why Choose WordPress for Your Website?

Many content management systems are available out there, but WordPress is one of the most popular ones. The company chooses WordPress to achieve its business goals and fulfill its branding requirements at the same time. Many pages can now be managed, updated, and added quickly under the WordPress platform. As well as ensuring the website speed is never compromised, it provides the website owner with all the controls they need to control their website.

WordPress powers 40% of the internet today, an increase of 9% since 2018.

Websites, portals, and blogs are usually developed with WordPress for companies and individuals. With this CMS, you can design site layouts, add plugins, and add templates, and more. In this way, you can easily include features like easy customization, module installation, module modification, and integration to your website. With this interface, you will add, remove, edit and manage content on the website and other services. Using WordPress as a CMS, you can create a robust online presence by optimizing the homepage, keywords, titles, and descriptions. With this channel, you can build a better business by achieving greater visibility on the search engine results page. The significance of WordPress development for your business cannot be overstated. The best way to accomplish this is to outsource WordPress development.

Why Work with SEOFIED for WordPress Development?

For more than a decade, SEOFIED has developed various WordPress themes, plugins, and websites. Using WordPress, we have developed a highly improvised web version that is up-to-date with the newest tools. Because we have a team of experienced WordPress developers, we have the edge over our competition.

When we develop a website, our talented WordPress developers never use your administrator credentials. Additionally, no unnecessary plugins are kept in the server or the backend. SEOFIED's WordPress development team always stays up-to-date with the latest WordPress eCommerce frameworks and WordPress eCommerce development. We are always able to meet business requirements because of this.

Whether you need a commercial website or a personal portfolio, our full-service WordPress development team can assist you in creating fully responsive and functional sites that meet your business goals. Bring your online business to the threshold of success by joining forces with a reputable WordPress development company today!

Our WordPress Website Design and Development Process.

Good design brings a lot to the table and is not just about appearance. Through multiple indicators, including visuals, text, and interactions, they get visitors' attention, build their understanding of the product, service, and company. Your website must contain every element that is necessary to meet a defined objective. There are eight stages in the optimization and development of a WordPress website with SEOFIED. These are as follows:

Identifying Your Goal

A website's design begins with this step. In this stage, we work with the client or stakeholders to determine the end goal for the website. Answering client's questions during this phase of the process is vital to the success of our web design project. In the absence of accurate and timely answers to these questions, the entire project may go wrong.

Scope Definition

Project scope creeps one of the most commonly encountered and most challenging problems in web design. The client may begin the project with one goal, then gradually change or evolve their goals during the design process. By the time you know it, you will also have to create emails, web applications, and push notifications for them and design and build them a website.

In addition to setting boundaries, SEOFIED helps set realistic deadlines, which is helpful for both designers and clients, as the reference provided by it helps keep everyone focused on their goals and tasks.

Creation of Sitemap and Wireframe

Using the information obtained from the previous steps, SEOFIED then develops a strategy for your website. During this stage, we create a sitemap. All main subject areas of the website are listed in the sitemap and subtopics if needed. As a guideline, it helps us plan what will be on the site and build an intuitive navigation system that is easy to use.

We create websites with your audience or end-user in mind; these are the people you need to attract your products or services. Sitemaps enable users to navigate a website easily by creating an easy or user-friendly interface.

Our next step is to build a wireframe. Rather than consist of design elements, the wireframe outlines how the site will look. Visual design and content elements can be stored in wireframes; they can also give a better sense of potential roadblocks and obstacles in the sitemap.

Content creation and SEO

Content on the website is thoroughly reviewed as part of this process. We help clients develop fresh content if their website already has a range.

Search engine visibility depends on the type of content a site has. It's called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to create and improve the content to rank higher in search engines. Your keywords and key phrases are essential to the success of any website. In addition to using Google Keyword Planner, SEOFIED prefers to use Google Trends; this tool estimates the search volume for potential target keywords. Using it allows us to find out what people are looking for online.

Sites designed by SEOFIED are optimized for search engines. We use the ranking keywords that increase the chances of appearing on page one of Google and include keywords in the H1 tag, meta description, and body content.

Theme and Plugin Selection

This stage involves selecting the technologies to be implemented. Our goal in this guide is to create an easy-to-use site that the clients love.

When SEOFIED uses a theme or plugin, it knows its essence. We can save your time and money. We always keep this in mind when selecting themes and plugins to work with WordPress.


After all the visuals and content are ready, we can test the site. The SEOFIED team tries every page on the website to ensure all links are working and the website loads correctly across all browsers and devices.

The meta title and description of the page are also reviewed one last time. A page's performance on search engines is influenced by the order in which words appear in the meta title.


Once the client has confirmed that everything on the site is working fine, we plan and execute the website launch! Both launch timing and communication methods are included in this phase. SEOFIED also considers when to launch and how to inform the public.


One of the most overlooked steps in web design is the final step. The maintenance of a website is crucial to its success and longevity, and it can provide recurring revenue in the future. Having a website is a long-term responsibility that SEOFIED educates its clients about before designing a new website. Like owning a home or car, websites need maintenance and upkeep. Thus, we provide our clients with WordPress maintenance services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is usual for someone new to this framework to have many questions about its application. Below are answers to a few frequently asked questions about Laravel.

Despite being a free and open-source web application, WordPress requires hosting to be used. For an easier time setting up and maintaining your website, you should consider the benefits of a managed WordPress hosting plan. Shared hosting plans start at just $1 per month, but you can find managed WordPress hosting plans for only a few dollars more.

Not at all! It's unnecessary to learn complicated CSS or PHP when dozens of plugins and themes enable you to change your website easily.

Installing WordPress manually requires 5 minutes, but hosting companies can make this process much more manageable. From the main account page or cPanel, most shared hosting plans feature 1-click installations. With a managed WordPress host, such as WP Engine, Flywheel, or Kinsta, there's no need to install anything - it's already installed for you.

It's possible! 169 different localized WordPress translations are available, of which 10 are 100% updated. If you'd like to contribute to the translation process, you can check the WordPress Polyglots page.

Your WordPress dashboard will show you any updates you've made. You can also navigate to Dashboard > Updates and click on the "Install Now" button to update your version of WordPress. After updating, you should see a screen that lets you know that the update has been successfully installed.

Exporting an existing blog's content and using it in your new WordPress blog is possible. Check out WordPress' official guide on how to import content from your old blogging platform.

Changing the theme of your WordPress website is the easiest method to change its look. Like the skin of your website, a WordPress theme adds style. Based on what's offered in the composition, it can also provide features for customization and include, for instance, color schemes, font types, menus, widgets, pages, post types, post formats, and many others.

Go to appearance> Themes > Add New in your WordPress website to install a new theme. It is also possible to browse the free WordPress.org themes available or upload a theme from a zip file that you've downloaded.

Your WordPress website is enhanced with a plugin. You can use plugins to provide your WordPress site with additional features and functionality. Generally, plugins improve your WordPress website's functionality without requiring too much work on your part. All you have to do is install the plugin and configure it.

It is effortless to install a plugin. Click Plugins> Add New from your WordPress dashboard. You could find plugins through the search function or upload them via the "Upload Plugin" button if you purchased or downloaded them.

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