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What is Inbound Website Design?

If inbound marketing is a digital strategy to bring in new traffic and experience conversion, then an inbound marketing website is all about growth. An inbound marketing website design acts as a marketing funnel to drive traffic. It engages visitors through targeted content and churns out sales or leads. When all the moving pieces of an inbound marketing program are integrated with your business website, it gives rise to an inbound marketing website.

Website design is a valuable investment for businesses that pay dividends in driving visitors, conversions, and leads. A good website design allows your users to understand what you do, access the content relevant to them, and shows the users to take the next steps with your company.

As a Strategic Website Designing Company in India, SEOFIED provides inbound website designing services for SMEs. We aim to improve your lead generation, conversions, and sales with a well-built and designed inbound marketing website.

How is an Inbound Marketing Website Designed?

If people come to your website that looks out of date, it reflects a poor image for your brand. An inbound website is designed using the modern form of UX/UI design style. UX Design means User Experience Design, and UI Design is known as User Interface Design. Consider both UX and UI along with some essential features for your website to make it fully functional. An inbound marketing website intends to facilitate prominent lateral navigation, enticing CTAs, clear next steps, and featured content. It attracts visitors and eventually leads to conversions.

The inbound marketing website needs to be designed with some specific elements included in the architecture, design, and web development.


If you want people to come in and discover your business online to ensure digital presence, a regular source of new content is required. A blog area on your website with relevant content is the most efficient way to achieve it.

A business blog featured on the website gives you a platform to regularly publish relevant, helpful content and target your customer. You can amplify the content in social media posts, emails, ads, and more.

Featuring targeted content in your website has many benefits:
  • Attracts your target customers’ in social media and search results
  • Proves to be an ongoing source of search engine optimization opportunities
  • Improves your position on various search engine results
  • Elevates your brand storytelling and creates an emotional connection
  • Helps to engage with potential customers
  • Improves brand awareness

Search Engine Optimization

Remember that blog posts can help your search ranking and drive traffic if these are optimized. An SEO strategy is essential to your inbound marketing website design success.

SEO should be a part of the work from the earliest stages of your website design or redesign project.

Are you asking why? Here is the answer
  • To identify a keyword strategy! It helps to reach out to the target audience through search terms and content.
  • To conduct a content audit for creating the information architecture and sitemap. It ensures optimizing all retained existing content and plans to remove content that does not meet growth goals as per the SEO practices.
  • To perform technical SEO throughout the web design and development processes. It ensures a successful launch.
  • To optimize all new content for page titles, images, meta descriptions, image alt text, copy, etc.

Email and Contact Collection

Email marketing is the most effective marketing technique. If you want to drive the inbound traffic and convert visitors into leads, you can send out those emails.

You can consider featuring strategically designed custom forms on your business website.

  • Lead generation opportunities in the web design, like an email newsletter sign-up, gated content downloads, or contact forms
  • Optimal user experience in all contact forms
  • Availability of all lead generation opportunities in page menu, design, footer, etc

Tech Integrations

Integrating all necessary technology is a big part of an inbound marketing website design to drive leads and build your user database.

Social Media

Social media is a crucial marketing strategy that makes social integration essential for your inbound marketing website design.

The social media platforms allow you to get found by your target audience. Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest report a huge volume of search queries for various businesses per month.

Including social sharing links in your content is a great way to encourage shares and enjoy a brand presence on social media.

Custom Landing Pages

A custom landing page is the best tool to deliver a personalized experience for specific audiences.

A custom page is designed and linked to a specific location or action, imagery, and CTAs. It results in a higher conversion rate.

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How does SEOFIED Build Inbound Websites?

SEOFIED is a leading Inbound Marketing Websites Designing Company in India that ensures your business is fully optimized and informative to generate leads and conversions. We consider some essential components and follow a few steps to create inbound websites for businesses.

Step 1- Identify

It is essential to identify who and how! It is the first step towards our inbound website design.

Know who is coming to your website and where they are coming! A perfect inbound website design is always customer-centric. We make sure your web page design and content should correspond directly to who the target audience is and where they are. It is about knowing who is coming to your website and act accordingly!

Step 2- Understand

When creating a new web page, we try to understand, “what is the purpose of this page?” Then we follow up with, “what is the next step?”

Step 4- Action

Before embarking on any design testing, we become 100% sure to measure the user activity. To make your website the best: it is essential to track how the website performs.

Step 3- Plan

When creating a new page on your business website, we consider where you want visitors to go from there. Our inbound website design is about giving visitors the information they want.

Step 5- Evaluate

Inbound website design is not a perfect science. Every business has a different customer base and needs. We evaluate all the aspects to create an inbound website that works best for your customers and visitors.

Why Build Your Business Website As an Inbound Marketing Website?

If you view it, the purpose of a business website is like a digital business card. Allow SEOFIED to build for you an inbound marketing website to compete in today’s ever-changing marketing landscape. As a reliable web designing company for inbound websites, we create a website that works for your business to generate qualified leads and improves conversion rates.

Has A Good User Experience

A well-researched, well-organized, well-planned, and well-optimized inbound marketing website offers an intuitive online experience for your users. As a customer-centric model, an inbound website attracts, engages, and delights customers. It works as your 24/7 lead-generating marketing tool.

Ensures Greater Lead Conversion

Inbound websites are focused and customer-centric that nurtures the visitor at every stage of the buying cycle. It offers a conversion opportunity on every page. A well-built inbound marketing website is 10 times more effective for lead conversion compared to traditional outbound methods.

Encourages Social Interaction

Once your inbound marketing website gets launched, it creates pathways to your website where your audience wants to be. An inbound website integrates with social media. It includes optimizing your website and linking it to all of your social media accounts to keep your visitors engaged and delighted.

Saves You Money

Compare to traditional paid advertising; inbound websites maximize exposure through organic search engine results. No doubt, it saves your money!

Improves Customer Relationships

Do you know what makes inbound marketing websites brilliant? The entire methodology of an inbound website concentrates around turning a stranger into a visitor, then a lead, then a customer, and then a promoter. In the end, you get happy, satisfied, and loyal customers.

Web Design for Inbound Marketing in India

If you are looking for a professional web designing company for inbound websites, trust SEOFIED IT Services Pvt. Ltd. Rely on us to turn your lifeless website into an interactive and customer-centric marketing and sales tool with our inbound website design service.

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