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The industry of mobile apps is rapidly evolving. You may argue that mobile apps are becoming more popular and widely used in our daily lives than the Internet. It is driving a surge in mobile app demand.

The same is true for businesses of all sizes. A whopping 42% of small companies currently have a mobile app. Additionally, 30% of small business owners intend to develop apps in the future.

Early adopters include young entrepreneurs. Millennials are 13% more likely than average to have an app for their small business, at 55%. Your agency can benefit from this information.

Currently, you are managing and consulting for several clients. How about adding some value to your services and making some extra money at the same time? Clients can get a mobile app from us instead of looking somewhere else if they want one.


A customer needs to get an overview of the project's reachability, plan, and timing. In selecting the right kind of applications for your company, choose one that can handle all of your business-related requirements, as well as a team with extensive technical experience. Here are the five stages in which we develop mobile apps:

Stage 1: Strategizing and Consulting

Together, we will create a customized application to help you stand out from your competitors. You make the thought, and we help you grow it. Any profitable application venture begins with transparent communication.

During this process, we carefully analyze all of your strengths and weaknesses. As we go through the process, we learn everything about you, including your objectives, resources, opponents, and risks involved. Your project requirements are collected and transformed into a detailed business plan. With the help of a timely and cohesive development team, we create a roadmap that will cover all the project's milestones or breakthroughs. Dedicated employees are given roles according to their responsibilities, and tasks are delegated accordingly.

Stage 2: Design & Branding

For every project, we begin by making prototypes. Once approved from your side, the visual wireframes serve as a quick reference for the general format of your application, setting an example for its creative conception. The models convey a sense of how the project would unfold in further configuration and coding stages. A dummy client interface is created, combining the latest UI and UX patterns to develop an app outline that we can use for further tasks

During this time, the task group will test, refine, and analyze your project outline in its hierarchical and ergonomic components. As a result, your application will have a unique and appealing personality that will leave a lasting positive impression on the client's loyal audience.

Stage 3: Coding & Development

Wireframes help us visualize how we will connect classes, functions, features, databases, and other technical stuff once we decide what features to implement.

To start coding, all screens are interconnected and defined. Since we do our development iteratively, we have to make continuous code changes until we achieve our expected results. A skilled development team can convey strong ideas into innovative reality no matter the platform: iOS, Android, Windows, or Cross-Platform.

Stage 4: QA & Launch

Additionally, lengthy maintenance and development planning are involved during the development and client-based alpha/beta phases.

It can be rather complex to submit an app to the App Store; our team will assist you at every step of the process. We will not only provide your business with the best mobile apps solutions but will also help you to adapt and enhance them as well.

Stage 5: Support & Maintenance

Whether you are a small, medium, or large business, mobile application updates are essential. By focusing on client information and their business needs, we will help you enhance and upgrade your application.

Our focus gradually shifts to how well your application performs in actual use, giving you a clear picture of how well it will perform in the real world. With our methodology and online branding, we combine both configuration and enhancements to ensure a long-term benefit for your business.

SEOFIED’s website design team far exceeded my expectations on every front and I have very high expectations. The end product is a beautiful website that embodies who we are as company. Every person I worked with at SEOFEID was knowledgeable, creative, prompt, and personable.
Aaron Miller
- President

Benefits of Mobile Application

Mobile app development is becoming increasingly important to businesses as people increasingly prefer to conduct business virtually. In addition, business functions are changing as well. Apps from these companies help companies take advantage of mobile devices and keep their clients in the loop with updates and company details.

Mobile apps offer great promotion and support.

You can attract many prospective customers to your mobile application by offering superb offers and promotions. If you want to reap the benefits of mobile apps for business, you need to create an irresistible offer and notify through an app. With an in-app pop-up and a timely notification, you can market your offers to a large customer base. Using a styled push notification is a great way to reach out to people at the right time. A push notification with emojis, for example, has almost double the opening rate compared to one without.

There are differences in adapting push notifications, but how they are delivered is the same. Users will often need support. You may want to offer them relevant updates as well. Rather than logging into a website and searching for it, provide your consumers with all the necessary support and live updates on the mobile app to enjoy the benefits of mobile apps fully.

Improve customer relationships

Customer and sales executive communication should go beyond personal, face-to-face interactions. Post-COVID-19, customers will be looking forward to connecting online as social distancing has become a new normal. By providing your customers with a mobile app, you can take advantage of the full benefits. Consider how much you could accomplish with high-performing mobile devices at your fingertips. In the coming years, this could be a game-changer for sure.

The mobile app isn't merely a human being with moods, emotions, and bad results. Also, you'll know that you're providing your client with a mobile presence that they can use to test before deciding whether to invest in your product. Marketing apps are generally seen as ways of improving customer service by the majority of marketers. Customers use mobile apps for a variety of reasons.

Customers should be able to reach you at any time. Why not develop a mobile app for them so they can have easy access to your services? Having your customers reach out to you using a mobile phone is a giant leap forward in customer connection.

Adding value through a rewards or loyalty program

Businesses cannot operate in silos. Business is a balancing act that relies on the market's response to your products or services. Providing meaningful experiences to the customer is the key to running a successful business. You will have a greater chance of succeeding if you take care of the convenience and needs of your customers.

To meet their needs, it is vital to remain available to them at multiple touchpoints. Utilizing mobile apps' advantages to run a loyalty program is one of the best ways to achieve this. Engaging consumers more often will improve the rewards they earn from your business. They can use those credits to purchase the products they are looking for.

Think about how Taco introduced its loyalty program two years ago via an app. Upon repeat orders, they gamified it and rewarded customers. With the help of social media integration and leveraging the app, the app was a great success in engaging its target group.

It is an excellent system if you already have one. It can be integrated into an app. If that's the case, what are the benefits? Throughout this process, data is being used to drive purchases and make you more accessible. Your business should consider getting a mobile app developed if you have not already done so.

Promoting high levels of engagement

The first step to increasing customer engagement is reaching out to the customer. Mobile apps have many benefits for businesses, and one of them is the access they provide at an affordable price. Getting in touch with potential customers used to be a costly affair, like running advertisements on hoardings and in newspapers, and even then, they had an expiration date. With the advent of mobile apps, the story has changed. A key strategy is to get as close to your clients as possible and offer them a place where they can meaningfully engage with your brand. If your business has a mobile app, it will –

  • Provide 360-degree visibility to current and potential customers at all times.
  • Users can push transactions quickly with seamless usability.
  • Allowing in-app purchases through payment options.
  • Instant message options are offered for adequate customer support.
  • By raising the engagement levels and integrating the social features of your mobile app, you can gain the following benefits:
  • Logging in and integrating social media is simple
  • A messaging service within the app
  • Offering customers the ability to assign their favorite products
  • Reviewing and commenting on products to provide customers a place to connect Customizing mobile apps to meet the needs of target audiences is the key to unlocking all their benefits. Observe how users interact with the app, what their preferences are, and how the engagement is. As the number of users engaging with your application increases, your business will gradually improve.

97% of consumers go online to find and research local products and services.

Start Your Seo Journey With Us


SEOFIED is a company that always listens and adapts to its clients' needs through planning, strategy, design, and execution of mobile, web, and cloud technologies. Besides enhancing productivity, our solutions generate new revenues and save costs for our clients. Our mobile phone developers provide custom and affordable solutions that meet all industry standards. With tons of experience developing real-time, handset-resident applications on multiple platforms, our mobile app developers can build applications for Windows Mobile, iPhone, J2ME, Symbian, Palm OS, and Android. Our company does business smartly by creating custom Android and iPhone apps with a trademark and quality that truly represent our clients' brands. We pride ourselves on the quality of our standards, our products, and our seamless mobile app development solutions.

A few of our benefits include:

  • Processes that focus on quality
  • Expertise in frameworks
  • User experience is of utmost importance
  • Handling a wide variety of mobile platforms
  • The most effective use of resources
  • Expertise in the field
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Using the same code base, we build apps for multiple platforms
  • As a leading company providing enterprise mobile app development, SEOFIED Solutions stands out.
  • Our mobile app development services are reliable and customized
  • Maintaining a competitive edge for our clients
  • With years of experience, we have successfully developed mobile apps for small, medium, and large businesses alike.

SEOFIED is proud to have experienced teams of professional app developers who are experienced in creating eCommerce, enterprise, gaming, utility, and educational applications. With advanced device management and mobile app development solutions, SEOFIED enables hundreds of customers to take advantage of multi-channel opportunities. The applications we provide streamline business processes and subprocesses, increase productivity, reduce cost, improve customer satisfaction, and generate new revenue streams. We help customers implement new revenue streams through our mobile applications.

Get in touch with us to find out how we differ from other companies that create apps for Android and iPhone. Hire a professional Android app developer or Windows app developer today and discover how they can make a big difference in your business. You can hire our dedicated mobile development teams offshore to develop business-centric and product-centric mobile apps quickly. Payment is made hourly, weekly, monthly, or on a flat rate basis.

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