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Overview of Start-Ups in India

As per the Economic Survey between 2020-2021, around 41,061 startups have been recognized in India by the government. Out of this, around thirty nine thousand startups have provided jobs to more than 4 lakh seventy thousand people. India is currently housing one of the biggest startup ecosystems in the world and more than 38 of them stand at a value of 1 billion dollars.

Despite dealing with a huge number of challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Indian startups have managed to create a strong foothold in the industry. As per reports, latest startups like CRED, Pharmeasy & Grow have managed to raise funds that go upto 12 billion dollars. This just goes to show how successfully emerged as leaders in the past decade & how bright & positive the future looks for our country


97% of consumers go online to find and research local products and services.

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Digital marketing strategies for Start-Ups

Email MarketingEmail Marketing

Having a proper email marketing strategy is also important as it helps you achieve optimal ROI. Emails in digital marketing tool boxes also help you reach broader audiences. Because of this, you will be able to boost sales, increase traffic & improve income. Email marketing happens to be one of the most cost-effective strategies that give you positive results. Since most of the survey respondents depend on emails for retention, you should consider focusing on email marketing as it could yield positive results.


SEO is one of the most credible solutions when it comes to creating a good brand image. You can always conduct an SEO audit & find out opportunities & ways using which you can interact with the social media platform & the website. SEO looks into various website aspects like device optimization, page optimization & more. This helps create more visibility in the results & expands your base. A few tools that can help you catapult your social media strategy include google analytics, majestic SEO, long tail pro, ahrefs & more.

Social Media PlatformsSocial Media Platforms

Social media platforms are an excellent way to engage the audience, share your message, use powerful content & generate more sales via social media. Not just that, startups help you create active social media strategies that could help you leverage your brand value too. For example, people use a lot of Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook these days to engage their clients & create brand awareness at the same time.

Invest in Creative Content StrategyInvest in Creative Content Strategy

Investing in a proper content marketing strategy can do wonders to any brand. Start-ups must be conscious & work towards creating content that is fresh, unique as that can have a stronger impact on the target market. Whether it is communicating the brand’s message or engaging with the customer's information, the content holds high substance as it gives the customers something useful. According to marketing experts like Neil Patel, messaging people on social media is an effective method to create a good client base. The audience will receive a link via Messenger & they’re more likely to open that than opening a link via email. Hence its always advisable to create quality content & share it on the right platform to maximize growth.

How does digital marketing benefit Start-Ups?

Digital marketing for startups in India is beneficial for startups in many ways. It allows brands to reach out to new clients, develop a proper relationship with, create a level of trust & eventually expand their client base. To keep it simple, digital marketing allows brands to improve their visibility, influence their purchasing decisions, improve customer engagement, develop a sense of brand awareness, generate leads, influence their purchase decisions, reduce marketing budget and so on.

Experts have also suggested that approximately 17% of startups have failed in the past because they didn't understand the market & use it correctly. That’s why digital marketing has to be maximized as much as possible. It plays an important role in building business strategy so that you can reach out to new customers, develop more leads & convert them into sales.

How can you drive leads with digital marketing for start-ups?

While creating a niche on social media platforms might seem simple, generating leads may not be that easy. According to data, most of the consumers reach their buyers first before they make any purchase. Being marketers they need to create a proper digital marketing strategy that will create value & not just generate traffic but also leads. Here are some tips that can work:

Web Optimization

Always your website is the main source of deriving all sorts of traffic, you will need to check whether it is perfectly working or not. Lagging speed, website loading errors along with poor user interfaces will drive traffic instead of bringing it in. All loading errors, lagging speed & bad interfaces need to be taken care of so that you can maximize on your sales.

Conducting A/B tests

Conducting tests will help you determine what webpage version is leading to such traffic. The performance can be checked with statistical analysis. Shortening the web pages also helps you get higher conversions. It also increases conversion rates that help you generate leads. If you want better resolutions, you can also look up a digital marketing agency for startups in India who can provide you with better solutions.

Update keywords often

Updating keywords will help you generate traffic that can be quite beneficial in helping you generate leads. You need to understand what keywords are working so that you can optimize content. Apart from that, you can also get the website to rank high using similar types of keywords too. Having long keywords to structure the web content is also an effective way to earn leads.

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