Outrank Your SEO Competition Organically

Effective marketing isn’t just about showing the value of your business. It’s also about distinguishing yourself from your competitors, and helping buyers to confidently choose you over your competitors. There are many ways to stand out above your competition, but one of the most successful ways of doing so is to literally get above them on search engine results pages.

Step 01

We will Google your top keywords and then copy-paste the found URLs to a spreadsheet (Manually) and Find your top important search competitors from the list to know who ranks for your keywords in the search engines.

Step 02

Now, our primary list of competitors is ready and we can start the validation process by collecting the general SEO stats and drawing a comparison to calculate the "difficulty score" for every competitor.

Step 03

We are using Various Free and Paid Tools to collect the data Like Ahref , SEO Quake , Open Site Explorer and others ..

Step 04

Now we'll need to get a little bit more technical and check what competitors are doing in terms of on page and onsite optimization. We will open all Links in browser and look through their source code. Things to look at include: Titles and meta descriptions, H1 and H2 tags , Image ALT attributes , Link anchors , No follow tags .

Step 05

We have to see what your competitors have tried to make their sites search-engine-friendly and analyze how catchy the titles and headings are — do they inspire users to click and convert? Once we've analyzed your competitor's on-page optimization, we will add notes on what can be done better for your future on-page steps.

Step 06

The best thing about checking competitors in Site is that we can quickly analyze all aspects of on-site optimization:

Step 07

If you find that your competitor's site has a poor structure with lots of technical issues, it will ensure us their site is poorly managed. Make sure that your site has no such errors and you have a much better chance of getting some search engine love!

Step 08

Now we've reached the most important part — analyzing your competitors' link building strategy. As you know backlinks are a very effective tool in SEO, but with all the recent Google Penguin updates, webmasters have to be more careful with link acquisition — a couple of "wrong" links and you site can fall down drastically in a single day.

Step 09

We will see all back links your competitors have and then follow the below steps ..

  • Check how many backlinks a competitor has
  • Check on how many unique domains the backlinks are placed
  • Identify the pages that receive most backlinks
  • Analyze the types of anchor text used by your competitor
  • Check the percentage of No follow links
  • See on which blogs your competitor's posting
  • Check if they are doing guest posting
  • Identify the forums your competitor's participating in
  • Spot if they sponsor any events or conferences
  • Check if there are possibly paid links
  • See what types of content a competitor creates to get links — how-to guides, info graphics, photos, videos, podcasts, etc.
  • Check if they invite guest bloggers to write on their blog
  • See if they hold contests
  • Check do they get reviews
  • Analyze how costly and time-consuming their link building techniques are
  • Avoid any link opportunities that can backfire your rankings
  • Replicate the links that will bring you only positive link juice.

Step 10

Social media signals may not directly influence site's rankings, but they can drive lots of traffic to a site, so it is better not to skip this check. First of all, we will see if your competitors are doing any social activities by Search for their company name on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Yahoo Answers, etc.

Step 11

If your competitors are not too active across social media platforms, it can mean They haven't tried it yet and may start doing in the future. But if your competitors have well-managed informative social media accounts, they may be getting some profit from them — it can be traffic or brand recognition. We have to do the same..

Step 12

In addition to SEO, your competitors can be using PPC to drive traffic — especially for those "hard-ranking" keywords. So, We will analyze this segment and get some more useful stats? We will give a report on Ad copy, landing page copy, landing page source code

Step 13

Tracking your competition is a never-ending task. After completing the initial research steps, we'll need to keep an eye on the competitors' progress:

  • Scan if their rankings decreased or increased
  • Check the new backlinks they are getting
  • See if their sites are growing (and how fast)
  • Check if the major Google updates have impact on their websites

Step 14

A report will be emailed to you each week as a “Weekly report” where you find all work completed each week.

Step 15

We have dedicated managers to check and respond to your emails (usually with an hour) to resolve any issues, suggestions or questions you may have.

Step 16

We will be pleased to guide and explain to you the search engine guidelines and help you to understand how to manage your website smoothly and effectively.

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