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What is Growth Driven Design?

Your website is of tremendous importance for your business. It is an important way to develop online credibility of your business among your audience. Hence, you must ensure that it goes perfectly right from the first step. Growth Driven Design is an effective way of designing websites that practice ongoing and consistent conversion based on customer-centric and data – driven parameters. It is a quick, agile, and strategically inclined approach just like startups. It focuses on developing a website, which is more dynamic, responsive, and caters to the exact requirements of your customers. It takes assessment and designing together and creates a launchpad website in the shortest time duration and within a budget. The focus is growth by utilizing the website as a main tool. The magic is in how growth-driven strategies prioritize and utilize smart time investments to make the website a rich growth tool for the business.

Standing above others in this competitive world is difficult and for start-ups things are more challenging. However, this does not imply you cannot make a difference. The only thing you require is the perfect start in the right direction.

One step towards successful business establishment is website development and when it comes to startups then there is no better option than the Growth Driven Design approach.

Why Growth-Driven Design for Startups is a Great Deal?

There are numerous similarities between startups and growth-driven design techniques. Startups use numerous research techniques for building a service or a product. When they launch their product and the users start using it, they gather feedback and user data to determine improvement areas and engaging points.

The intention is to make their offering better, keep users engaged and happy and drive new users. The Growth Driven Design works in the same way. It practices a comprehensive strategy and planning phase to make sure the website can rectify the audience’s problem. It reduces the risks, which are often associated with conventional web design approach. The focus is entirely on strategy, launching a minimum viable product and emphasis towards continuous improvement procedures to make the product better.

Benefits of Growth-Driven Design for Startups

There are numerous benefits of growth driven design for startups:

  • Fast Launch – This approach works great for new as well as already existing websites. It practices a learning and implementation technique side-by-side. It implies that a site can be up and keep running in a short time, which is not the case with traditional website design.
  • Cost-Effective – It is quite expensive to build a new website for a business. This burden is reduced to a great extent for startups by this innovative design technique. It eliminates huge initial investment and spreads website cost over time.
  • Updated Website – The regular changes to the site make sure that it stays updated all times. It keeps the website in sync with the latest changes. You don’t need to wait for the website redesign to bring it up to par with the existing times.
  • Marketing Strategy – It is easier to integrate novel marketing strategies whenever needed. Growth-driven design renders the opportunity to experiment with innovative marketing techniques.
  • Caters Customer Requirements – Customer requirements are continually changing. You need to maintain the pace with such change. Growth driven design makes it a lot easier.

The Stages of Growth-Driven Design for Startups

Growth-Driven Design for startups involves three phases of development.

Stage 1 – Strategy

In this phase, we try developing an understanding of our audience’s world for developing a site, which can solve problems with their buying journey. This stage brings us a comprehensive site strategy that:

  • Defines business goals.
  • Identifies tasks to be accomplished.
  • Develops buyer personas.
  • Create a list of fundamental assumptions.
  • Build a journey map.
  • Completes a website-specific strategy.
  • Planning a Wishlist

In brief, we develop a blueprint of the website to build an efficient site. By gaining a detailed understanding of the audience we aim to fulfill their needs. This phase lets us build the website that helps your startup drive high user growth, serve existing customers, and grow all aspects of the business.

Stage 2 – Launchpad Website

In this phase, we use insights from stage 1 to quickly build a website that performs and looks better than your existing website. Though it is not the final product, but it is the foundation to build and enhance. We create a new version of the website by using the Wishlist from the previous stage. It includes 20% of items to create an 80% impact on the company’s goals and user’s challenges. This enables the website to launch in very less time.

This phase offers innumerable valuable benefits such as:

  • You collect real-user information to make well-informed decisions moving forward.
  • You spend less time and money upfront, making launch pad sites less risky for startups.
  • You get a faster time to value and gain return on investment.
  • You go through a more pleasing process than conventional website development projects.

Stage 3 - Continuous Improvement

In this phase, you identify high-impact action to take on your website to grow your startup. Our design team keeps revisiting your website to look at user data and conduct additional research as required to prioritize what additions to your website will have the greatest impact on the users and your startup goals. They work towards building and implementing website additions and begin the process again.

Using the repeatable process, it is possible to collect user data and develop high-impact improvements regularly and bring to life the great potential of your site to be a business growth tool functioning 24 x 7.

An Iterative and Agile Website Development Approach for Startups

Growth-Driven Design is the most cost-effective and strategic option for website development and build. It is an option worth considering. The start-ups are meant to be able to change and shift, and this holds true for their website as well.

This design strategy offers great flexibility to startups. Being an iterative development process, it lets you expand the website based on the business’s growth and user data. We specialize in Growth-Driven website design for startups. This approach is not about rushing to finish a website but is about creating the most effective site in the short-term and then gathering information on how engaging it is to website visitors.

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