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What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a method that’s based on attracting new customers by simply accompanying them throughout the whole process, from the time they come in direct contact with your brand till they become your loyal customers. It contains a series of techniques that allows brands to attract multiple visitors & traffic to the website, helps you push your visitors & convert them as customers by simply encouraging your contacts & developing a long term relationship with them. Inbound marketing also helps automate the entire process of marketing so that less time is spent on conversions.


Strategies to improve inbound marketing for startups

Search Engine Optimization

If you want to increase your website’s visibility via inbound marketing, SEO will do the job for you. It will attract inbound links while many off-site content will build links towards the website. The better your inbound links are for your website, the higher you can expect the rank to be in the search engines. Apart from that, you will require more technical components that you will need to boost the inbound traffic from other engines. This will also include optimization for mobile devices, targeting keyword phrases, improving website speed & more. In order to get better services, you can look up inbound marketing services for startups in India as they will be able to serve you better.

Social Media Marketing

Organic social media marketing happens to be one of the best strategies for generating better visibility. You can engage with anyone you want online & build a good customer base as far as you are consistently providing quality material & insights. Put your off site & on site content into syndication & the followers will have more reason to be around you. Social media alone after all can not generate traffic into your website & help build your brand. The real power comes from improving your strategies so make sure you can maximize your efforts.

Influencer Marketing

This might sound like a simple concept but can take a while to practically carry out. The goal is to target influencers in the industry, those who are movers, shakers leaders, hold the biggest portions of audiences & more. Once you begin working with these influencers on content projects or even innocuous exchanges online, you will cross pollinate the audience & earn a better reputation by earning a proxy. The toughest part is finding the right influencers who can benefit the brand & persuade them to engage with the campaign. This strategy is a cutting edge one & has worked for multiple brands & organizations. So if you are a startup or a new business, consider taking suggestions from influencers. If you want to find the right influences, you can take suggestions from ad agencies & the best inbound marketing company for startups in India.

What are the benefits of inbound marketing for startups?

A sustainable method of marketing

According to the best inbound marketing agencies for startups in India, inbound campaigns don't expire like outbound campaigns that last for a short period of time. Forms, workflow and forms will always work for people who’re looking for details & they will be accessed through a channel range. This will be done predominantly either on the search engine & the website. The only disadvantage here is that sustainability takes a long time to achieve & work. The good part is that having proper marketing material easily available for the future can be a huge benefit for organizations.

Generates leads

When you provide informational details, you should be able to pull prospects towards the organization & website, prompting people to take some action & connect with you so that they can learn a bit more about your organization, services & content. Do note that customers want to have more control in the process of sales, especially with the kind of content they usually consume. That’s why, if aligning with the requirement is important, then inbound marketing could work as an excellent tactic.

Build brand promotion

Brand positions are created through attributes, competitors & price. They can also be determined by the perception of the customer, their expectations & interactions with your brand. This marketing also focuses on providing content that solves the various problems of prospects & offers them a solution. Educating & helping the prospects will also enhance the position of the brand as experienced & knowledgeable. Such attributes are important when you are conducting businesses in life science sectors. If your brand offers a good brand position, it will also have a huge advantage.

An affordable solution

The good thing about inbound marketing is that it is affordable & cost effective. Inbound is quite cheap since a website & a blog is all that’s required. It is resource heavy & will need team members in order to run those campaigns, but such associated costs will never exceed the annual costs of traditional campaigns that are run throughout the year.

How to generate leads using inbound marketing?

Pay Per ClickPay Per Click

PPC targets only those searchers who are actively looking for solutions that brands can easily provide. It is a fast & easy way to get content on products in front of specific audiences by simply incorporating PPC in the inbound strategy. By using PPC, you can easily ask for digital payments to help you achieve top placements by making use of keywords so that they can attract leads to click on ads. Once you find a strategy that combines PPC & SEO, it will deliver the right insights required for positioning. Not just that, it will improve opportunities for more conversion & maximize the website traffic too.

Retargeting AdsRetargeting Ads

Tracking visitor’s activity by using cookies on a website is one of the simplest ways retargeting works. Once the visitor leaves the website, you could also send them ads on other websites in order to lure them into the website & convert them as customers. It is an effective tactic because a big chunk of your time will be spent advertising proper content to visitors who know your brand & have a fair idea of what they should offer. If they like your offer, you could see this customer as a qualified lead that is worth receiving targeted ads.

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