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What is google ad & PPC?

Pay per click, better known as PPC is a kind of intent marketing where the advertiser pays a fee every time an ad is clicked on. Ideally it is an efficient way of buying more visits on the websites, instead of just attempting how the visits can be organically earned. Searching engine advertising is seen as a popular form of PPC & is used as PPC Service for Startups In India to let advertisers bid for ad placement in sponsored links whenever someone searches on keywords that are related to offerings. For instance, if you bid on keywords like ppc software, an ad might show up in every spot on the results page. To know more about PPC & PPC for Startup Marketing in India, keep reading.


Strategies to improve for google ad & PPC startup

1. Know your target audience

The secret behind finding success in google ads is staying relevant. Know the complete structure of your Google ads account. Ensure the ads, groups, keywords are all closely related. Once everything is aligned, Google will also reduce the cost of advertising. Always remember that the google ads campaigns will charge you every time a person clicks on the ads. In order to achieve this, make sure that you know who your ideal customer is (when you’re writing the ads). Also, make sure the copy is attention grabbing, raises customer curiosity, convinces the customer to take action & buy the product. If you want to get well-written copies, you can get hold of ppc services for startups in India via an agency.

2. Perform Analysis

Once the niche has been defined, assemble a list of important keywords. A strong competitor analysis is required before you spend on something. By leveraging on computer intelligence, you could also get some valuable insights that will help you maximize your PPC as well. You could also use some interesting tools that are available to collect & organize data from many companies & advertisers online. Building your own profile & conducting a quick search for the competitors to examine these keywords before they are used in any campaign. Google Marketing Agency for Startups in India should be able to help you better in this scenario.

3. Segment The Audience

Defining your niche is not the only thing you must do while working on google ads. You should also segment your audience. This will happen when you invest more resources & time in order to understand your audience on a deeper level. Always ask yourself questions like what websites does the target audience use, what is the tone, voice & language style on these websites, what sort of campaigns do these sites use. You could also research the audience on Google ads for free which will make it easy to understand what kind of people you should be targeting. Once you have that information, you will easily be able to segment the audience depending on the age, interest & habits of spending.

4. Choose the right market channel

Whenever you show ads towards your audience, remember that segmenting your users will determine what kind of content they see. Your ads should be based on various aspects like who your audience is, what are their habits & interests, what are they researching & their past interactions with the business. Google ads makes this job a lot easier by allowing you to segment them into groups. For more help & support, you can also check out Best PPC Marketing Agencies for Startups and Small Business In India on Google.

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What are the benefits of google ad & PPC for startups?


Running successful ad campaigns via Google is a lot cheaper & affordable compared to offline marketing. You could set the bid on any advertising platform depending on the budget. Because of this, Google ads for most startups are quite suitable for the complete marketing budget.

Create your own budget

Every business comes with a unique marketing budget, depending on how the firms will allocate such finances. The best part using google ads is that you get to spend as per your requirement. You won't have to give into any monthly commitment. You could spend as per the budget & the price. The program generally allows users to change their budgets depending on their sales goals.

Improves visibilityImproves visibility

Since SEO plays an important role in improving visibility, the paid services of Google will help your business appear on SERP right away. Since SEO takes a lot of time for making websites visible, Google ads will get the job done instantly


Generally Google marketing campaigns have a high CTR since the internet is always familiar with the kind of websites as well as the services & products. It is a lot easier for businesses to convince products over competitors through the campaigns of remarketing.

Designing adsDesigning ads

Google ads also let you design your ads as per the business requirements, that’s why Google ads for startups are seen as a useful tool. It will let marketers use the search ads, apps, video, shopping & display ads. The whole purpose of these ads is to reach out to buyers who are interested.

How does google ad & PPC startup help you generate leads?

Invest in Organic SEOInvest in Organic SEO

Did you know that searchers tend to click on ads just about 15% of the time? The rest of the time they go for the organic results that are unpaid. Making an investment in SEO will actually help you attract more attention from the audience. Even though SEO is a long term tactic, you could improve your efforts while using effective keywords in the ad campaigns. Many people also use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising & Management For Startups that benefits them too.

Create A BuzzCreate A Buzz

According to the PPC Agency in India for Startups and Small Business, you will just need some creativity at times to make your advertisement go viral all over the internet. This could be a little tough to achieve when you are going for a high volume, so you can also try to target keywords that have a longer tail & have less search volume.

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