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The Node JS language has emerged as one of the most popular choices for developing web applications in a little more than a decade. The possibility of 2-way client-server communication makes it an excellent cross-platform solution. Let's demonstrate Node JS' superiority with the top five development statistics:

  • The Number of websites that use Node JS in the US is 6.3 million.
  • Several companies have found use in it, including Amazon, Linked In, Tumblr, Netflix, and PayPal.
  • In 85% of cases, web apps are developed with Node JS.
  • It has been discovered that this free and open-source JavaScript runtime reduces development costs by 58%.

By using JavaScript, programmers can write server-side scripts on the command line. To begin with, let's examine what Node JS is?


JavaScript is used to run Node JS on various platforms. JavaScript code can be executed on the server-side through this runtime environment rather than as a framework. Since its release in 2009, Node JS's popularity has skyrocketed. The core elements of Node JS are:


Development of Node JS uses the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine, resulting in swift and lightweight code execution.

Event-driven Architecture

In Node JS, each request is run in its thread; no request is delayed while another is processed. Each line runs multiple requests at the same time. The server moves to the following API if no data is returned when calling the Application Programming Interface (API). Once a response is received from the previous API, the server can process the events module.

Node Package Monitor

With NodeJS, a document-based database model is used instead of SQL. The Node Package Monitor (NPM) makes it easy to import any functionality you need to make your application work from the largest open-source library repository in the world. NPM allows you to reuse codes, which will speed up the building process.

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Node JS Development Services List

The open-source server environment of Node JS is fast, lightweight, and runs on all major platforms using JavaScript. By using Node JS, you can quickly develop specific tasks like applications or software. Node JS provides the following services.

  • Web and Mobile UI/UX development
  • Node JS Web App Development
  • Node JS Real-Time App Development
  • Node JS Enterprise Application Development
  • Node JS Custom Application Development
  • Node JS API Development and Integration
  • Node JS CMS Development
  • Node JS Team Augmentation
  • Nodejs Consulting and Maintenance
  • Nodejs Ecommerce Marketplace Development

Rich Features of Node JS Development

Node JS is the preferred choice of software architects due to the features described below.

Very Fast

Due to the V8 JavaScript Engine built into Chrome, the Node JS library executes code extremely fast.

No Buffering

Data is never buffered in Node JS applications. This type of application outputs data in chunks.

Single-Threaded but Highly Scalable

Using event looping, Node JS runs in a single thread. A server that uses event mechanisms responds non-blocking and is highly scalable instead of a traditional server that creates few lines for dealing with requests. Unlike conventional web servers like Apache HTTP Server, Node JS runs in a single thread and can handle a significantly greater number of requests.

Events and Asynchronous APIs

In Node JS, all APIs are asynchronous or non-blocking. As a result, the Node JS based server does not wait for API responses. A Node JS Event notification mechanism lets the server know when the previous API call has been successful by moving on to the next after calling it.

Benefits of Node JS Development

The development of Node JS applications is an effective way to develop high-traffic applications and web services. There are many advantages to it:

Easy to learn

It's easy to start using Node JS without much difficulty since most developers are familiar with JavaScript. JavaScript is the foundation for writing Node JS applications.

Supports data streaming

Audio and video file uploads are faster with Node JS development. It outputs data in chunks rather than buffering it and sends each fragment to the end-user one at a time. "Streams" of Node JS perform real-time audio or video encoding just by increasing the size of the chunks and not the entire file.

Lowers development costs

Applications can automatically scale when the traffic spikes using the serverless feature. Therefore, you only pay for services when used instead of all the time, which comes at a lower cost than typical server architecture.

A further advantage is Node JS can combine that frontend and backend teams into one team of developers to work on the whole application. Due to the open-source nature of Node JS, licensing fees are also avoided. Among its many features are a community where you can access advice and tips from expert developers, including security tips and a vast array of free customization options.

Why Hire Node JS Developers from SEOFIED?

We offer world-class features and functionalities in Node JS web development that will help your business to succeed. Below are the reasons you should choose SEOFIED for Node JS development.

Node JS Web Development Trends

Using Node JS, we develop real-time apps, cloud-based apps, and IoT apps using the latest trends in the industry.

Node Website Migration Services

We can upgrade or migrate your existing website or application to Node JS with ease and without hassle based on your requirements.

Plugins Development

Get Node JS plugin development assistance from SEOFIED and turn your application into a better-performing one.

Agile Development Approach

We focus on delivering the best solution in shorter sprints during the NodeJS web development process to satisfy our customers. Through the project, we implement agile development techniques.


Our highly skilled NodeJS developers deliver frequent and reliable code changes by adhering to a set of operating principles, which results in better collaboration, software quality, and a shorter time to market.

Client Engagement

During the Node JS web development process, we constantly engage our clients for their feedback, allowing us to deliver solutions that meet their needs. We continually engage our clients to provide a customized solution that has a positive impact on their businesses.

Hire NodeJS Developer

Choosing from our pool of talented Node JS app developers is straightforward and transparent with our dedicated T&M and resource hiring models. By utilizing these models, you can specify your project requirements and provide input to ensure a successful engagement. For such strict commitments, the fixed-cost pricing model will be the right choice.

Dedicated Node JS Development Team

We will assist in building solutions across all devices through our cross-functional teams armed with advanced technologies and innovative practices. By creating intuitive user interfaces, robust architecture, and reliable portals, we develop NodeJS solutions that are packed with top features and functionality. The Node JS consultants at our firm can help you run mission-critical applications with the right advice, instructions, and inputs


NodeJS applications built by us are secure and resistant to Shellshock attacks, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting attacks. As part of our project management, we address every security concern and production priority while keeping an eye on the budget. Adapting linter security rules, utilizing session-based and token-based authentication, preventing errors, securing dependencies, and validating requests are among the best security practices that we employ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Node JS can build a scalable program, a server-side scripting language. There are numerous advantages to it over others, but it's most prominent because it does not block I/O.

Node JS is an application that runs on a virtual machine, which uses JavaScript for scripting. It enables high output by utilizing non-blocking I/O and a single-threaded event loop.

You can access anything outside your application with I/O, which is short for input and output. The application will load the program into the computer's memory.

Computer programmers use event-driven programming to direct the flow of a program based on incoming messages from other programs or threads. It consists of two parts:

  • Event Selection
  • Event Handling

You can achieve the following purposes with Node JS.

  • Applications for the Web (especially real-time applications)
  • Network applications
  • Distributed systems
  • General-purpose applications
  • Building scalable network programs is easy with it
  • Generally fast
  • Great concurrency
  • Asynchronous everything
  • Seldom blocks

In Node JS, API functions can be grouped into two types:

  • Asynchronous non-blocking functions
  • Synchronous blocking functions

As an experiment, Node JS was designed for async processing. The async processing on a single thread is believed to offer better performance and scalability than a thread-based implementation under typical web loads.

The answer is yes. Visit https://nodejs.org/download/ to download the MSI installer

Unfortunately, the Node does not support DOM access.

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