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What is SEO ?

In simple words, SEO is a process that affects the web page or website visibility in search engines. Leveraging this could be beneficial for your business in many ways as you will learn to drive more leads, relevant sales, revenue & ultimately be able to profit your business. It is also described as a type of marketing that focuses on driving any website to higher results on websites like Bing, Yahoo & Google. Search engines are also quite a common vehicle in bringing organic traffic to your website, which makes this strategy highly competitive & a successful method of bringing a high level of business exposure.

Local ESO is important for small businesses, especially start-ups that operate on a national & regional level. When it comes to SEO for Startups In India, many focus on ranking searches across India, some also prioritize SERPs. This is why it is important to understand what SEO is, what benefits it comes with & what strategies can startups use in today’s world to improve their business.


SEO strategies for Start-Ups

Have Your Own Strategy

Experts from a startup seo company in India believe that all startups must have a well defined strategy. Understand why SEO really matters to your business & the benefits it can bring. If you are keen on knowing what your website can do for you, you will know exactly where to start. It is important for every startup to know where they stand now, where you’d like to be & then you’d be able to create a good strategy on how you can get there with tasks.

Define Your Goals

Next, set achievable & reasonable goals. Always make it clear what you want to achieve in the next year. You’d want to understand specific keywords you’d like to optimize, the average time you spend on the website, brand awareness, bounce rates, purchases made etc. Once you have a sound idea, your goals will be achievable.

Build A Strong Foundation

Startups must be aware of extremely poorly built websites. They can tamper your image online. That’s why it is important to get hold of a professional & create a good website that is easy to update & maintain. You can also look up some of the Best SEO Agencies for Startups In India for the same purpose. This will play an important role in helping your page grow.

Target Commercial Keywords

Also, make sure to target commercial keywords as they help you drive the right sort of traffic that you need for your website & your brand.

The Benefits of SEO for Startups

SEO can help startups improve their digital marketing experience in various ways. First, it leads to improved user experience. With SEO you can improve the way the website looks & give your audience some relevant information, videos & food that is easy to navigate & use.

Second, SEO is a great source of leads. They are considered beneficial for business to customer, business to business, non profit organizations etc. It also includes social media, referrals & content marketing as well. If you don't get any leads from these tactics, then you should consider resisting such activities too.

SEO brings you higher conversion rates. The ranking of your website on search engine sites will guarantee you higher rates of conversion. Your target market shall also become aware of your presence as far as you maintain your market position.

Finally SEO lets you build better brand credibility. Having a good rank might give customers an idea that you are one of the best players in the country. It will also show that you are quite popular as many people have looked you up as well.

How to Grow Your Organic Traffic with SEO

Optimizing for your clients is a great way to improve your client base online. First, write down the buyers persona & then make sure you are creating educational content that will resonate with the buyers. Next, tap into the issues of your persona along with the keywords that are used in queries. After this, ensure you are blogging daily. Blogging happens to be one of the most effective ways to improve your site traffic. It will help you create a huge catalogue of helpful content that is useful for your market. However, make sure that the content written is not cheap or spammy or poorly written.

After this, you will have to work on your meta title, description & URL. They are the 3 ingredients you need to optimize your web page or post. It is also quite effective but also simple. On page SEO is also important, but meta data & description can help you find exactly what you could be talking about. Creating quality content is also important. So do ensure you are publishing quality content as much as you can. The more leadership articles & blog posts you post, the more opportunities you will have to create organic traffic.

Using social media platforms is also quite useful. Building a presence online on networks like Facebook. IG, Twitter & LinkedIn will help you spread brand awareness across the internet too. In order to grow traffic organically, make sure to find the right SEO Services For Startups In India.


What makes startup SEO different from regular SEO?

Honestly speaking, there is no difference between startup SEO & regular SEO. Google also doesn’t care much whether you own a startup or have a small online store, all it matters is whether you are connecting people with relevant content or not. Your SEO requirements are quite the same as the biggest brands of the world & the engines want to see similar things from you compared to other businesses. However, what makes a huge difference is the scale. You may not have the resources but your goal should be to grow as quickly as you can and then compete with some of the biggest industry names.

For various startups, it also means that having enterprise SEOs on small scale budgets can also come with various compromises. The worst part is that Google won't accept such compromises even when it comes to optimization & you won't have to get the fundamentals on spot. However, the good news is that the faster you get these correct, you will easily be able to build a SEO strategy that is self-sustaining that you’d be able to carry out in the long run.

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