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Social Media for Hotels & Resorts

Social media is the most powerful tool for marketing your business. It can be helpful for your property to get exposure like never before. You can promote the services and features of your property on social media and interact with potential guests on different social media channels. Social media channels play an important role in promoting your hotel as an experience, more than a place to stay the night.

Brands can directly communicate with their potential customers through social media since travel is a very personal experience that naturally convinces people to share and search exciting videos, images, and travel hashtags, as well as testimonials. Social media strategies for hotels are helpful for businesses to grow.

You can hire a professional to promote your hotel & resorts online via different social media strategies.


How to Market a Hotel with Social MediaHow to Market a Hotel with Social Media

Nowadays, consumers use social media to read reviews and ask people for recommendations about better accommodation while making plans for their trip. Thus, hotels need to pay serious attention to social media platforms. You need to be available online for the consumers and have your social media marketing running. Here are few reasons why you need to be available on social media.

Showcase Your BrandShowcase Your Brand

Social media networks are helpful for spreading the word about your hotel. You can reach your potential customers about your business. It is easy to create videos, photos, and other relevant content to help people know more about your business.

Create RelationshipsCreate Relationships

It is easy to connect with the target audience by sharing the relevant content with them. People can see what they need, and they can feel inclined to be your guest.

Reach New CustomersReach New Customers

According to different surveys, around 82% of customers trust businesses having an online presence. There are billions of users available on social media networks, and you can easily find demographics about your target audience. You can set up various ads by targeting ages, genders, and locations to capture potential leads.

Get Direct BookingsGet Direct Bookings

A few years ago, people usually depended on travel agencies to find and book suitable accommodations. Nowadays, travelers have complete independence, and they are knowledgeable about choosing the right hotel. You need to interact with your potential leads, and such customers are more inclined to book directly. You can inform your followers through social media about your promotions and deals and let your users know about the benefits of direct bookings.

Give ValueGive Value

It is important to think about using social media platforms for promoting your hotel business and providing customer care online. You can directly respond to the comments and questions of your followers. People who tag you in their comments or posts expect a response in return. Try to convert the negative reviews and concerns of your customers into positive ones. However, you should also focus on highlighting pleasant experiences and share testimonials because they can be helpful to boost your revenue. Discover how social media marketing in the hotel industry can turn your marketing efforts into an efficient result-driven process.

Why Add Social Media Marketing to Your Hotel’s Business Strategy?

Social media marketing can be helpful to promote your hotel business and attract more customers. While creating a social media marketing strategy for your hotel, you need to ensure that you know your customers who usually want to have a unique, unforgettable experience that differs from their everyday life and offer them a luxury service that takes care of everything they need. Make your customers feel that you are offering only the best.

Hotels should use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to connect with their guests and interact directly with them. Try to provide your audience what they are looking for and use social media to share content that states a story about your hotel and inspires travelers to choose your hotel. You should share content that will help your future guests to discover the grace of your brand. Moreover, you can engage your audience by sharing interesting information, informative videos, and beautiful imagery. It is important to share stunning pictures because you should share content that shares experiences, not just photos.

Social media marketing in the hotel industry is a great way of engaging with current and potential clients. It is a requirement to survive and grow in the industry. Luxury hotels, boutique hotels, economical motels, and large chain hotels should use different social media strategies for generating highly targeted traffic and creating brand awareness.

6 Social Media Strategies to Attract Customers

Sometimes you need to think of something unique to attract customers on social media. You need to showcase your business in an effective way to attract more people. Expand your following and sell more services and products with the help of social media marketing.

Here are some effective tips to reach more customers through social media channels.

  • Choosing the right channels to grow your brand.
  • Make use of hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to grow your reach.
  • Help your customers by sharing freebies, promotions, discounts, and useful advice.
  • Follow your target audience and join different groups and communities to spread the word about your brand.
  • Share your business story and showcase your customer experiences on different social media channels.
  • Make use of friend referrals to drive more traffic to your business.
What to Expect From Our Hospitality Marketing Agency

Hospitality marketing is all about building strong relationships. It is not about creating relationships between you and your customers, but it is also important to develop a strong relationship between brand and agency. At SEOFIED, we believe that success is all about creating strong ties with your clients. We have helped many businesses to grow and by boosting their business online on different social media platforms.

We understand your audiences and business needs. We find data from every available source, starting with your own insights to understand unique challenges, audience needs, and opportunities. After that, we create a detailed business strategy to engage with your potential customers. Our social media marketing company for hotels cares about loyalty. We want our clients to have a proper sense of loyalty about their brand and loyal to their agency. We highly believe in having rich and lasting friendships to boost your business.

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