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What Is Digital Marketing for Hotels?

As you own a hotel or resort, you know the importance of having a website in the present digital age. Of course, you might already have a website developed for your business. But, how far is the website contributing to your business by attracting more bookings? Thanks to SEO service for hotels. The best service can take your business to new heights! Do you know how? The service will bring in more enquiries into your business that you can turn into customers.

What Does SEO Mean for Hotels?

The best SEO Company for hotels will provide SEO services that will bring better results to your business. But, what is SEO for hotels? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process for improving and optimizing the ranking of your hotel website in SERPs. What are SERPs? It is the short form used for denoting Search Engine Result Pages. You might have heard about and even might be using one of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, or even other such search engines. An expert in SEO can help you gain a better rank in these search engines when a visitor searches for a key term related to your business. As a result, your online presence will improve, and your website will start driving traffic. For instance, when you search for particular information in a search engine, you will choose to visit only the website that shows in the first 5 places of the result page. This is called ranking, and when your website gains this position, more people will visit your website. In turn, the bookings for your hotel will improve naturally.


Why Is SEO So Important For Hotels?

You might be wondering what makes some websites rank first in SERPs, while some do not. Search engine spiders decide to rank a website based on different factors. For instance, the website ranked in the first position might have shown better performance in one factor than the one in the second position.

When you choose the right SEO service, they will help your website to improve in factors that search engines consider. In turn, your website will start ranking better. When your website ranks in the first SERP, you have a better chance to attract more visitors. The percentage of chances of attracting visitors reduces to very low when your website ranks on the second page.

So, considering this factor, SEO is important. Only when your website has a better ranking, you can attract more visitors. When you attract more visitors to your website, you can motivate them to book a room by providing some attractive deals. Above all, your SEO service will suggest the right ways to keep your visitors staying on your website rather than leaving immediately. The thing to remember here is that your website ranking will also be affected by how long visitors stay. Here is a report to help you gain a better understanding of the importance of SEO for your hotel:

  • 92% of people choose at least one result from the first page of SERPs
  • 33% of visitors click on the first result in SERPs
  • 18% of individuals browsing the web click on the second result
  • Just 5% of visitors click through the second page of SERP

7 Actionable SEO Tips for Hotels:

When talking about SEO Strategy for Hotels, apart from choosing the right strategy, the right implementation is important. Here are 7 actionable SEO Tips given by a digital marketing company for hotels:

Page TitleFocus on Page Title, Meta Description and URL:

These three are essential elements in ranking a website. Do you know how? They get displayed in SERPs. Here are some tips to help you create these three elements in the best way:

Page Title:

As far as page title is concerned, you can start by writing a title that explains the nature of your business rightly. It should have the focus keyword and it should be easy to understand both for search engine spiders and humans. It is better to keep its length short with not more than 60 characters.

Meta Description:

Your Meta description should explain in short what does the page encompasses. It should have a keyword and it would be good to place the keyword right at the start of the description. The Meta description should be written in such a way that it motivates the visitors to read the content of the entire page without skipping. The ideal length of the Meta description is 155-160 characters, including spaces.

Webpage URL:

URL is nothing but the address of each page on your website. Make sure that the URL is easy to understand and clear. It is better not to keep URLs like Page ID. Also, ensure that the target keyword is present in the URL. Further, check that each word in the URL is separated through dashes and not underscores. It is better to avoid connecting words in URLs like with, of, is, was and for.

Make Sure Of Quick Page LoadingMake Sure Of Quick Page Loading:

If each page on your website takes a long time to respond to, there is every chance that your visitors will go to your competitors’ websites. For instance, if your website contains full of photos of your hotel rooms, it will take a longer time to load. Of course, it is better to have photos. But, having too many of them is not a good idea.

Write Relevant and Informative ContentWrite Relevant and Informative Content

Of course, you plan to create a website for your hotel to promote. But, remember that if your website is too promotional, neither search engine spiders nor visitors will like it. So, check that your website is more informative than promotional. Of course, you can have promotional information but not too much.

Add Alt+Text to ImagesAdd Alt+Text to Images

Just in case the images you have loaded on your website do not load, Alt text will come as a solution. When you have alt-text for your images, the text will explain the image if a visually challenged person visits your website. Even if a person with a slow net connection visits your website, it will help him gather the required information.

Improves Customer RelationshipsImproves Customer Relationships

Do you know what makes inbound marketing websites brilliant? The entire methodology of an inbound website concentrates around turning a stranger into a visitor, then a lead, then a customer, and then a promoter. In the end, you get happy, satisfied, and loyal customers.

Ensure that your Website is Mobile-FriendlyEnsure that your Website is Mobile-Friendly

You might be aware that most people these days use their mobile phones to browse any information. So, one of the important SEO strategies when it comes to SEO for resorts is to check whether your website is mobile-friendly.

Get Listed on Google My BusinessGet Listed on Google My Business

Google is the most popular search engine that many people use. When they search for a hotel to stay in, it would be good if your business is present in Google My Business. Once listed, check whether your business is showing the right location in Google Maps.

Get Links from Other WebsitesGet Links from Other Websites

When your website link is present on other websites, there is a great chance that the visitors of those websites will visit your website as well. So, this technique called link building is highly popular when it comes to SEO.

How To Get More Rooms Booked With SEO for Hotels ?

SEO is an effective tool. You can get the most of this tool by getting help from one of the best hotel SEO Services in India. The right company can use the best strategies to let you see your business getting more bookings. Wishing all success to your hotel with SEO!

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