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How Does PPC for Hotels Work?

PPC is the short form of Pay-Per-Click. It is a form of marketing in which you as an advertiser will have to pay a fee. You should pay this fee when a visitor clicks on your hotel advertisement placed online. But, you will have to pay only when the person visits your website by clicking on the ad.

As an advertiser, you will have to pay search engines like Google to get better visibility on SERPs. Have you looked for something online lately? You might have noticed a small icon that reads “Ad” following the initial set of results in SERPs. Those results are from Pay Per Click. All these ads are triggered by the keywords that you use for searching any information on the web.

In terms of finances, Pay-per-click for hotels works by charging you on the basis of how frequently visitors click on your ads. Let us consider that your ads show up, but no one has clicked on them. In this case, you do not have to pay anything. Even some search engines follow a unique auction system. It will decide the placement of your advertisement and also the price that you pay per click each time people browsing the web search for a keyword related to your business and trigger your advertisement.

Do you feel it to be a complicated process? No, it is actually not. You will find that this concept is a pretty easy method for hotels to advertise. Being the owner of a hotel, you can use this concept for advertising any openings in your hotel. Also, you can use it when you wish to announce hotel upgrades and travel packages. This would be the best option for last-minute special offers and affordable costs for off-season stays.

PPC For Hotels & Resorts

PPC For Hotels & Resorts

If you plan for a marketing campaign for your hotel, it is better to choose PPC for hotels as the strategy. It is a marketing option that will help your hotel attract more bookings. What is this concept all about, and how does it work? Read on to learn more.

What Makes PPC Special?

PPC advertising for hotels is a better option because you can target particular demographics with this concept. Even, you can set the time of the day when your ads should appear.

How to Create A PPC Ad for a Hotel?

To launch a PPC for a hotel, you will have to get through a lot of steps. Here are some basic details about the steps involved in developing a PPC campaign for your hotel:

Icon147Start by Setting a Concrete Goal with the Right Audience in Mind:

When you set up a goal for your PPC campaign, the first thing you will have to check is whether it is attainable. For instance, you can set a goal that at least 15 people should book a room in your hotel within a specific period.

Identify the Right TimeIdentify the Right Time

As you are in the hotel industry, you know that every industry has its own season. So, not just goal setting, in the process of developing the right PPC strategies for hotel, you will have to consider the time you run this campaign. If you miss the timing, there are more chances of failure in your campaign.

Create an IncentiveCreate an Incentive

You cannot expect people to click on your ads just by inviting them to stay. Rather, you should attract them with an incentive. It can be anything like a free additional night stay, a free lunch, or such incentives. You can advertise like they can avail these offers when they book within a specific period.

Gather the Required MaterialsGather the Required Materials:

To successfully start your PPC Campaign, you should have certain things ready. For instance, you might need photos of your hotel rooms, phone numbers for your customers to contact, booking links, and pictures of your business logo.

Build a Unique Landing PageBuild a Unique Landing Page:

Of course, you have a website for your hotel. But, you should get a landing page designed for the particular campaign. Do not use a page that is already present on your website with irrelevant content. Rather, create a page exactly for what you intend to sell. The right landing page will have higher chances of conversion.

Set Up the Ad CampaignSet Up the Ad Campaign

For the successful implementation of your PPC Campaign, it would be better to get help from an expert in this domain. The experts know how to design and implement the PPC campaign rightly for a better conversion rate.

How To Create A Landing Page For Hotel PPC Advertisement?

The landing page for PPC for hotels should have a call to action that motivates visitors to book a room. Also, you can make sure that this page provides answers to some of the queries your prospective customers can have. For instance, you can talk about the amenities you provide.

You might be wondering how to evaluate the performance of your landing page. You can get help from Google Analytics for the same. You can get to know different details like the number of visitors, bounce rate, and many other details with this tool from Google.

Bounce rate is a rate that denotes the number of people visiting your landing page and moving right away. So, you can understand that when the bounce rate is lower, it is an indication that your landing page is performing well. If the bounce rate is more than 90%, it is an indication that the visitors are not able to get what they look for.

How Should You Choose A PPC Keyword?

Thanks to hotel PPC management services in India! They can help you with the selection of the right PPC keyword. Otherwise, you will have to do your homework, where you will have to choose the keyword considering different factors like geographic variance, competition, and seasonality. You can try the new Google Betas to identify the keyword

SEOFIED Knows PPC for Hotels:

For a successful PPC campaign for your hotel, you can contact us at SEOFIED. We are a digital marketing service provider with many years of experience in handling PPC campaigns for our clients, particularly for hotels and resorts. We know how to choose the right keywords for your PPC Campaign and how to develop your landing page. Contact us to gain the experience of hiring one of the best PPC Services for hotels in India.

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