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What Is Digital Marketing for Hotels?

Digital marketing for hotels is otherwise called online marketing. As against the former term, you will easily understand the latter. Yes, you have guessed it right! It involves taking steps to reach your target audience through online advertisements for your hotel. Using the internet, which has found its way into the lives of every individual and business out there, you can reach your potential customers. Even, it is a term used for denoting different forms of digital communications. Examples include social media marketing, email marketing, and marketing through multimedia messages. Here are the popular choices when it comes to digital marketing strategies for hotels:

  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing

Now, with this knowledge, it is better to gain an understanding of the hotel and resort industry in India.


Hotel & Resort Industry in India – An Overview:

Owning a hotel or resort is not easy. You will be looking for ways to reach a larger group of audience. Here is how digital marketing for hotels & resorts can help you. If you own a hotel or restaurant, you know that the industry is competitive. You will have to follow different strategies to make sure that you can reach your target market with ease. Also, you might have heard that digital marketing for hotels & resorts is bringing fruitful results to your competitors. If you are wondering where to start things, you are in the right place. Let us first start by understanding what is this concept all about.

Hotel & Resort industry in India is always considered a sunrise industry. The meaning is that it has a great scope in the future. This industry has improved to become one of the key drivers of growth among the service sectors in the country. The Indian resorts play a major share in attracting tourists from across the world by providing them with a safe place to stay. In the same way, hotels in India are serving them great-tasting foods. Above all, the rich culture of India attracts people to explore our country. When they visit, hotels and resorts take care of their needs effectively.

Studies show that India was ranked in the 10th position among the 185 countries concerning travel and tourism in 2019. This industry contributed nearly 6.8% to the total economy of the country. In fact, hotels and resorts provide a great share for the development of travel and tourism. The latter relies on the former and when talking about Indian Tourism, hotels and resorts are considered a part of the industry.

Of course, due to the pandemic similar to other countries, the Indian hotels & resorts were one of the greatly affected industries. But, with the vaccination on and with the lock-down released in most parts of the country, the industry has again started to pick up slowly yet steadily.

So, this is the right time for you to know about the digital marketing service for hotels.

How To Get More Bookings with your Hotel Internet Marketing Services?

When you hire a good digital marketing company for hotels, you can expect the following to be done by them. In turn, you can expect an increase in the number of bookings that your hotel gets:

By Designing A Hotel Website:

The first thing a digital marketing agency will do is to check whether your hotel or resort has a website. Do you already have a website? If so, the agency will look for ways to improve the conversion rate from your website. They will do the required overhauling of your website. In turn, they will make it search engine friendly to attract more visitors. If you do not have a website, they will suggest developing one.

Even some of them have website development expertise as well. They know what type of website to create for your resort. They will first understand your target audience based on the type of facilities you offer. Then, based on age, sex, and other factors, they will develop a befitting website for your restaurant.

Make Effective Use Of Social Media:

Social media is the biggest thing in the present situation. It attracts people of different age groups, particularly youngsters. Nowadays, most people at least have a single social media account on one platform or another. So, you will find it easier to reach them when you use effective use of your hotel’s social media account. An expert in internet marketing very well knows the strategies to use to improve your social media reach. They will develop suitable social media marketing content. Even they will suggest effective social media campaigns with a call of action to attract more bookings.

How To Market your Hotel and Resort ? – 6 Proven Strategies :

  • Do not market the hotel and resort alone. But, you should market with the location. This is equally important to reach the local audience.
  • Provide incentives like a free snack if you own a hotel and free lunch if you own a resort. This will attract more audience, and you can post it in your internet marketing post.
  • Allocate more marketing budget when you feel that you are nearing peak booking season.
  • Be easily searchable online as people these days are searching for hotels and resorts themselves online as against relying on agents.
  • Encourage discussion on social media. The more people discuss your business, the more popularity you will gain.
  • Educate your guests with useful content not only on your website but also on your social media pages.
Conclusion :

Digital marketing for hotels has proven to bring many benefits. All you should do to benefit from this concept is to use the right strategies. Thanks to the best digital marketing service for hotels! Finding the best service provider will make things easier for you without any doubt. So, get ready and see more bookings getting into your resort. Yes, you can expect more guests to your hotel as well!

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