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Social Media users count to approx. 3.48 billion worldwide and still growing. From the number of users only, we can estimate the power of social media in building a brand. And, when it is a restaurant business, your marketing worries become lighter with a social media marketing strategy in your bag. Capturing your potential customers with regular social media posts increases your brand's visibility in the crowd and helps your viewers remember the brand to try once atleast. Through the strong networking potential of Social Media, reaching a target crowd and alluring with your offerings has become much easier today. In this article, we would try to highlight all the details of Social media marketing and how it acts as a boon for the restaurant business.


Why Social Media?

Not only a good restaurant offers nourishing food, but they also create an overall great experience for the diners. Moreover, when you are on social media, you gain great scope to upgrade your social networking experience by allowing your customers to share their experiences with their companions in all of their groups. Online platforms have the most robust networks and higher reach. When people on social media tag and share your restaurant, you start reaching out to even their networks, thus expanding your reach. Good care of the quality will help you gain more business as the marketing is being online developed by social networking.

A small addition of an online ordering option to your Social media handles can give you great returns amid social distancing norms. People nowadays are preferring online dealings more than offline. As a result, when you come to the visibility of your potential customers, you are preferred and remembered more than usual. This mostly brings in positive results, which you can leverage for your business growth. With your presence in premier social media sites, you are making yourself available also to more convenient ordering options for your consumers, which in other way helping your get closer to them. In addition, Facebook ordering and the availability of various offers on online orders allows your restaurant to showcase good service even when Dine-in is a temporary pause.

How to get started with social media for restaurants

The rule of thumb for any business that is stepping into the world of social media marketing is that you must post on your social media accounts as many as three times a week. You need to maintain this if you are looking for good engagement with your brand. Here is a short guide on how you can get started with social media marketing for your restaurant business.

  • Create a business profile on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube for your business.
  • Use your Logo and set the theme to match your restaurant brand theme so that customers can recognize you easily.
  • Add a small yet explanatory bio for your restaurant to the profile so that the visitors quickly recognize your page. Do not miss adding your restaurant website and all other details that might come in handy for the visitors to reach you at the earliest.
  • Make it a habit to post content on the pages at regular intervals by setting strategies so that you may connect with existing customers and attract new ones.

Tips for successful social media marketing for restaurants

Shout Out About Behind The Scenes

Human nature is to look not for what is told but more for what is kept untold. So along with your regular food pictures and videos, try to capture and showcase what is going on behind the curtains in your kitchen. Such clicks or videos are likely to attract more.

Create A Consistent Mark

The motive that you start portraying in your social media handles should remain consistent in that. In all your online marketing tools, you should maintain that same consistency. The same vibrant pictures, videos, theme color, reflected on all your marketing tools will help you in creating an iconic brand.

Respond To Reviews Online

When you are expanding your reach boundless, you should be open to the fact that you would be receiving customer reviews on your food, and you should be ready to accept all good and bad reviews. Not only that, a touch of belonging happens when you take care to reply to each and every review online.

Employ User-generated content

If you are seriously looking to utilize the online platform for your restaurant business, one essential thing that is a must for you is User Generated Content or UGC. When your customers show your content like pictures, videos, or tweets, they positively light your brand. Therefore, any UGC online about your restaurant should be immediately marked and utilized to promote your brand online.

Highlight your staff at times

The team behind your existence in the market is your band of staff. So whenever got time, try to focus and highlight your crew members on social media platforms. It shows your guests how organized you are, and the care you extend for your staff is something obvious to celebrate.

Throw questions to engage

Social media is all about engagement and networking. When you throw fun contests and ask questions with some rewards, you would be able to engage more than usual. Social media interaction is also about listening to your viewers. When you open up for answers or suggestions, you take a double leap in the business to bring your customers to close faster.

Encash trending topics

In social media marketing, the topic is the king. When you catch a trendy and attractive issue, it will take you long if the topic is engaging and people tend to relate quickly. Regular inclusion of trendy topics related to the food business will give you visibility even in a most excellent crowd. Here are some social media marketing strategies for your quick look, and buckle up your plan for a tremendous and prospering social media experience.

Optimize online presence

All set with your online presence website, app, social media handles, you have to optimize all your online appearances. Let your brand be discoverable whenever people look for dishes that you make. Managing your business online across the searches in Google, one handy tool for every business today is the Google My Business. Keep all your website information updated, along with pictures and contact information. Display your updated menu on social media, start getting reservations online, and deliver online orders to customer doorsteps is also highly necessary today.

Plan up your content wall

Your digital success depends to a great extent on what content you are sharing and how you are sharing. In digital and social media marketing, the scope is defined as the power to make or ruin your restaurant business. Therefore, proper and justified use of images, videos, writeups, blogs, posts when managed and used in a well-planned manner is sure to bring desired results in improving business for your restaurant. Also, note that fresh contents are of utmost importance in this matter.

Promote your good work

Your brand value is a must to increase when you start promoting what you do. Customers prefer those restaurants and their kitchens more who assure them about their cleanliness and safety measures. Be active in communicating all your health and hygiene strategies to your beloved customers as if you can once convince them and achieve their trust in this matter, they would remain loyal to your business only. If you have any community service initiatives, go ahead and promote them, and you can grab extra points for that.

Say yes to influencer marketing.

Influencers are in great demand in today's online marketing. Just as celebrity endorsers, social media influencers work to attract followers to the brand they promote in social media. For example, find out food bloggers in your locality or YouTubers who have the wide following on their social media profiles and get your food promoted online. Facebook and YouTube are great in sharing videos and getting your followers increased, while on Instagram, it is photo sharing that creates havoc in your promotional stunts.

Add a little personal touch.

What goes on behind the curtains attracts the inquisitive human mind more than anything else. At times, talking about and introducing you're behind the scene personalities adds up a very personal touch to your marketing initiatives. You get much closer to your customers without much effort. A bonding is created in the least time.

Facebook Marketing for Restaurants

  • Today has become the most trusted and most robust social media platform with great spread across the globe. However, some essential statistics will help grasp the fact better.
  • Facebook reserves a huge customer pool of around 2.7 billion customers where your customers are.
  • Facebook marketing helps you reach your restaurant to your local guests at the earliest.
  • 88% of people trust what their friends have to say about their new experiences.
  • A record 200 million #food tagged Facebook posts, and around 23 million food pictures are shared over the platform, a treasure pool for the food business.
  • Reports mark Facebook to be the most popularly used platform, with 91% being captured by the food industry.
  • Facebook marketing for your restaurant can be more enriching with the involvement of the below-mentioned points.
  • Facebook mentions about your food and service holds great power in convincing your prospective customers online.
  • Get your visitors sharing pictures of all your speciality dishes, exceptional cuisines and all that you know can grab attention.

Login with a business profile at the first and foremost place. It would help if you also remembered that the shape is fully complete with the necessary information. All your pictures should be attractive as people eat with their eyes first. So, sharing some of your signature dishes would work well towards attracting customers. People can order directly from Facebook when you have uploaded your updated menu using the Menu tab. Make sure first to have that infrastructure to handle online orders.

Getting Facebook reviews is another exciting thing that goes a long way in reserving loyal customers for your business. Word of mouth and personal experience has a powerful effect on furthering connection in this industry. Work hard on building your follower's base. Most restaurants struggle mightily to get the first 1000 genuine followers, and once they have that lot with them automatically, there would be followers who would pour in at regular intervals. Genuine followers interested in your food are valued as they will ultimately bring in more business. Encourage your diners to visit your Facebook page when they are present in your restaurant. Tagging your outlet will increase the reach by leaps and bounds.

Are you looking to try luck online?

Looking into the restaurant business is in itself a daunting task, and again, you have to be equally active on your social media platforms else you would be pulled back. Finding suitable time and ideas to promote your online presence on social platforms might seem quite challenging if you have a business that is up and running. That is where professional interference can be of great help in boosting your business to the extent that you have never thought of before. Brief research on the internet would get you the most responsible Digital Marketing agencies along with their contact details that would help you reach your desired goals effectively in the shortest span.

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