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What is Restaurant PPC?

With approximately 65,000 Google searches performed daily, the desire to reach page one of google is a huge concern a lot of clients have. Whenever a business owns a competitive niche like restaurants, the road towards page one comes with various obstacles that will help your clients overcome easily. If you are keen on making the establishment a little more visible to your online searchers, you will need to 1st work on the SEO strategy to promote your business & attract customers. In this article, we will share with you how you can add reviews to your strategy & how you can optimize the future & current content for your search engines.

If you wish to make your restaurant more visible to searchers online, you will have to work on local SEO strategies for restaurants that will allow you to position your restaurant in such a way that you can attract potential customers. In today’s guide, we will show you local strategies


What is SEO?

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization is one of the most useful marketing strategies that helps you build a successful online ordering system in 2018. Restaurant SEO could be considered as a useful method to optimize the restaurant website, overall digital presence, social media by adding content that is relevant towards your website like blogs, recipes, engaging with customers on social media & ensuring that all information about your restaurant has full consistency, like phone number, address on local listings etc. All you will require is the basics to get started.

What can SEO do for restaurants?

SEO is More Cost Effective

For marketing teams & restaurant owners, marketing is a great alternative for those who can easily afford it. Yes, a few forms of marketing can be quite expensive, knowing that bigger restaurants have more advantages compared to restaurants that are smaller in size. However, SEO methods in restaurants are a cost effective method compared to different forms of internet marketing. With having a small SEO budget, a smaller restaurant can easily leverage their listing as well as location as a part of a proper SEO strategy. Because of that, restaurants that are smaller in size can boost their online visibility without causing you to sacrifice the whole budget.

Boost Customer Engagement

These days, people rarely have daily communication with their favourite restaurants. Social media has taken over the restaurant scene as most people are online & love to share their experiences there. Online reviews are considered as a norm for many individuals who want to interact with restaurants. Enforcing SEO habits will give you greater opportunity to interact with customers, with whom you can easily return the favour. Many SEO campaigns also keep the website right at the top of the rankings as it increases the likelihood of people clicking on the website instead of getting anonymous feedback on websites like Yelp.

Boosts website traffic

As we all know, the higher the rank of a website is, the more traffic comes its way. Not just that, the 1st search ranking on Google shows a rate of 27%. Consumers most likely click on results that are focused on query. Making sure your website has top ranking is a powerful way to get more traffic towards your website. It also works well when you try to increase other offerings such as private dining & catering.

SEO Tips for Restaurants That Actually Work

1. Having a proper website

Approximately 60% of most customers visit the website using their mobile. For a couple of websites, the strength of the website determines the kind of strength it takes to develop a website. It’s vital that your website responds to various devices & loads easily. Having a poor mobile experience could lead to major loss in customers & ultimately very less revenue.

2. Use relevant keywords

Using relevant keywords is extremely important for all search engines. You can use google trends in order to find metric based & real info based on the keywords you are looking for within your region. Apart from that, consider checking out the reviews of your own restaurant on Yelp & Google as well. What keywords are generally used to describe in reviews? How do people generally talk about the service, menu, ambience & decor? You can use the same keywords to check across the website.

3. Encourage interactions, reviews & social mentions

Google will measure such an engagement like the degree of overall website health. The more people talk about such businesses, the more Google will understand its relevance & importance. Users must also encourage reviews across platforms like Google My Business & Facebook.

4. Maximize On Social Media

Social media is external towards your website but also plays a huge role in your SEO game as well. Search engines also use social signals to show how well the content is used & received by users. Posting on social media can also help you gain traction & point back towards the website that will help your website improve its rankings. You can always start off with Facebook as an option as it advertises your restaurant well. You could also run ads that are targeted geographically & then inform others about special places or events. Your return on investment could play a significant role in utilizing social media.

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