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What is Restaurant PPC?

Pay per click advertising is a simple method that helps you generate more traffic towards your website. It allows you to set an amount for every click on your ads regardless of whatever the rate of conversion is. Whenever customers go for a google search, the PPC ads always show up in front before organic advertisements are shown. In other words, PPC is one of the various digital tools that could benefit you wonderfully in this digital age. Along with SEO, voice search optimization & social media marketing, this will help restaurants find the right customers in the digital world.

Almost every restaurant, regardless of how big or small they are, could easily benefit from running a useful PPC campaign at some point. Below in this article, we are going to elaborate the whole process from the start to finish & how you can set up a proper search keyword campaign that will increase the online presence of your ad & help you earn some cash everyday. These PPC campaigns will allow you to drive a good stream of customers. In fact, they are an effective method for small restaurants, regardless of whether in small towns or ones in big cities.


How PPC can benefit restaurants

Incredible & Quick Results

If we compare both SEO & PPC for improving your business, both are considered beneficial. But always remember that SEO is comparatively notorious for taking a while in order to see results whereas PPC does the same job at a much faster pace. In fact, PPC is known for delivering immediate results. Whenever you pay to be in the top spot for the search results, you could expect to see better results throughout the website within a couple days after you have set up the campaign.

Cost Effective

PPC happens to be one of the most cost effective options when it comes to online marketing. Unlike various types of advertising, it helps you deliver quick results from a budget that is manageable without requiring a huge outlay or any spend a lot on any campaign. PPC also has an interesting bidding system that allows you to set your limits depending on what you are paying for. You can also do this for clicks on certain keywords & they could be based on what the traffic is worth to the business. Having a decent marketing budget & still getting great ROI is why people prefer PPC as one of the best choices amongst all.

Precise Targeting

A lot of traction can occur and customers can be targeted if you use PPC. This will help you target customers across the world & opt or narrow targeting is seen as a good strategy to reach the best potential customers with very less cost. For instance, a ranking for best bistro city center in NYC will help you reach more diners who are searching for a certain restaurant tpe nearby instead of using a basic term like good food NYC. Using long tail keywords with the help of precise locations will make it powerful for businesses, compared to shops & services online who are trying to compete globally.

PPC tips for restaurants

Choose the Right Keyword

When it comes to reaching potential customers with the help of a search engine, it is important to know essential search terms & keywords people use when they are looking for a good restaurant. That’s why being clear on the right keywords is extremely important. However, when you are paying for every click, you will have to ensure that you aren’t just ranking for keywords that could translate into income & sales for the business, or at least highest quality leads you could easily nurture. There are also many gains you could have in experimenting with the perfect mix of terms & long tail keywords. Since keywords play an essential role in getting PPC ads in front of the customer & paying for your ads at the same time, this is one space where you will have to take the help of PPC experts.

Keep It Local

Unlike other online businesses, your goal is not to reach the whole internet. Most of your customers are looking for somewhere they can eat close to wherever they are. There are many keyword add-ons along with profile settings that will help you stay focused in targeting searchers who are near the restaurant premises. These aren’t just high targeted tactics that will help you connect with people who are searching for restaurants actively in the location. You will also be likely to pay much less for clicks because the search term is specialised & narrow.

Mobile Optimization

With the importance of smartphones growing over the years, the trend for searches on mobile devices has almost exploded. This applies to all sectors- the huge searcher majority can be done using mobile phones, but it is also relevant to restaurant marketing as well.

While a few customers do their own research before leaving their home, you could also bet a decent proportion of them shall be looking for a place to eat when they are out, maybe to meet a few friends or feeling peckish once they are out.

Optimization for mobiles are also essential for a proper PPC marketing campaign. Using mobile phones could also be used to help customers to easily get in touch with you. Instead of searching your phone number once you have landed on the site with a good PPC set up, those potential diners can use a click to call button as soon as they click through the ad. Making it a bit easy for the customers could prove to be a winning strategy in competitive restaurants as well.

PPC campaign management from SEOFIED

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