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Real Estate Social Media Company in India

SEOFIED is a renowned digital marketing agency that helps real estate companies and brands like yours to build an impressive social media presence. Our data-driven real estate social media service in India aims to reach your target audience for generating leads and sales. We strive to transform your social media profile into a robust lead-generating platform for your real estate company.


Overview of Real Estate Business in India and Social Media

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are experiencing great benefits from a smart social presence. How can you underestimate the importance of social media for real estate agents in India?

A recent study says social has become essential to score clients and close deals across the industry.

  • Most realtors actively use social media for real estate
  • Most real estate businesses have said that social media results in the highest quality lead compared to other sources
  • Around 99% of users begin their home search online

You can say that social media is a goldmine for real estate businesses. With a well-planned real estate social media strategy, you can win more leads and experience business growth. We are in a digital world where social media has become one of the best-performing ways to produce high-quality leads for various businesses.

What is Social Media for Real Estate?

With the rapid advancement in technology, buyers these days are more aware and active online. Social media is an excellent resource for users looking to buy a house. It has a significant impact and influence on a buyer's decision-making journey. Do not expect buyers will put down the deposit by just looking at some tweets or Facebook posts. A rock-solid real estate social media strategy is essential to get amazing results for your business. Social media for realtors has is one of the best possible ways to connect with potential buyers and grow business online.

The key benefits of social media for real estate are:

  • Gain a cost-effective reach to your target audience
  • Get the best results from the targeted advertising
  • Experience brand reinforcement
  • Enjoy instant engagement

Social Media for Real Estate Companies in India: How does Social Media work for Realtors?

What is the strategy to market your properties effectively in this digital age? We all know that today’s customers are connected to the Internet and live their daily lives through an assortment of social media platforms and apps.

Social media for real estate agents provides a powerful way to reach quality audiences. A well-planned strategy for real estate social media:

  • Helps to reach high intent customers that result in driving requests for property valuations.
  • Proves to be cost-effective and ensures a better ROI.
  • Helps to build brand awareness and trust among the current customers and prospects.

Reach High Intent Customers

To make your marketing much more effective, we plan out an effective real estate social media strategy. We ensure you achieve a 100% uplift in valuation requests and enjoy a positive impact on lead generation.


The total cost of real estate social media is less, but the return on investment is higher. With an impressive social media strategy, you reach a qualified audience and gain a higher degree of interaction with your adverts. It results in generating higher ratios of inquiries and requests.

Build Trust and Brand Awareness

Our social media service for real estate companies in India helps build trust and brand awareness among your existing customers and prospects. We use property sales and client testimonials to show off your brand's success and trustworthiness.

It takes careful planning and precise execution to get the best results. Maintain the balance between posting valuable content and promoting your real estate services. Keep in mind that too much promotion can cause your followers to tune out. Partnering with a real estate social media company in India-SEOFIED helps you to stay on the right track. Our real estate social media experts help you effectively deal with the competitive social media platform to make your brand stand out. We conduct careful strategy planning with in-depth research that brings you closer to your business goals.

Social Media Strategy for Real Estate Companies in India: 7 Real Estate Social Media Tips that Work

An effective social media strategy helps real estate agents find a wide audience base at the right time. Real estate agents can earn more clients and build meaningful relationships with social media. The social media real estate marketing tips and techniques can help you reap the benefits and get started in no time.

Know the Basics

  • Facebook for Real Estate : Set up a business page on Facebook to get started. It gives you access to use Facebook business page features such as page analytics and the ability to promote posts. Posts with compelling visuals like images and video perform best on Facebook. To get a lot of engagement, share content with your followers or ask questions to drive comments. If you do not have a large social media following, hold a contest to bring awareness to your real estate page. It is a great way of engaging users and building up your follower count.
  • Instagram for Real Estate : As a visual platform, every post on Instagram needs to be visually compelling to ensure engagement. You can create a post made up of a series of images to show photos of a new real estate listing. Just explore the exclusive features of Instagram for a business account!
  • Twitter for Real Estate : Twitter is another great social media channel to market your real estate agency. On this platform, you can share videos, photos, and links with your followers.
  • LinkedIn for real estate : Create a business page on LinkedIn to connect with real estate brokerages and current clients. It provides a great opportunity to grow your network.

Getting your business listed on Google My Business, multiply the chances of showing up in local search results. It improves your SERP rankings too. Your physical proximity helps you gain a competitive advantage.

Build Two-Way Conversations

Most homebuyers search online! It provides opportunities for real estate agents to connect with home or property buyers online over various social medial platforms. Social media for real estate agents creates stronger bonds. Do not just aim to post endless promotional content! Open up two-way conversations to build a strong relationship with the audience. Post on social media about offering real estate advice to those in your local area on Twitter, hosting a Q&A session on Facebook Live, or asking a question in your newest listing photo caption on Instagram. Invite your audience to participate in the conversation and see the difference. It helps in building trust and authentic relationships.

Select the Social Media Platforms Wisely

Social media is fast-paced and changes constantly. Real estate agents new to social media might feel the pressure to maintain a presence on a dozen different accounts. Always stay focused to build an audience by choosing the right social media platforms. To see the best results for your real estate business focus on just a few. Consider beginning the journey with proven social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you are selling commercial real estate, consider growing your network by connecting with industry organizations on LinkedIn. Do in-depth research to find out where your audience is most engaged!

Post Strategically and Consistently

A successful social media real estate strategy is about building a successful relationship with the audience by being consistent in contact with them. Make constant interactions with the audience that motivate people to keep coming back.

  • Promotional Posts: These posts should advertise new properties on the market that should urge prospects to give you a call.
  • Informative Posts: These posts should be Q&As, decorating tips, DIY renovation ideas, and more.
  • Entertaining Posts: These posts should not be directly related to real estate. You may post about a review of a new restaurant in town or about the traffic on the way home.

It is essential to understand the goal of each post.

Go with Storytelling

How about including the storytelling element in the social media content?

  • Details about the neighborhood: When posting a new real estate listing, talk about the features and price of the home. Create a compelling story by giving the neighborhood details. Help the potential buyer imagine what it would be like to live in that home.
  • Client testimonials: Posting video testimonial of happy customers that makes compelling stories. Testimonials of your customers help to build trust with your audience.

Storytelling in your real estate social media campaign helps driving greater engagement and building trust with your audience.

Utilize Geo-targeted Ads

Geo-targeted ads are the best way to marketing properties and homes that you have for sale on social media. A majority of potential home buyers already know the area in which they want to live. The users begin their searches with location-based keywords and criteria, which you should take advantage of. In this case, geo-targeting ads only show up to users who want to buy in your area.

Optimize Your Content with the Right Real Estate Hashtags

When we talk about social media, it is not complete without Hashtags! Do you think Hashtag's sole purpose is to increase likes on a social media post? Hashtags bring more engagement to your content and reach to your audience on social media. It helps potential customers to find your real estate brand. Using real estate hashtags for your content is an excellent way for homeowners and buyers to find you.

The influence of social media has made a huge impact on the real estate market. It has changed the way that real estate businesses reach their clients. These days, most businesses are becoming interactive and more customized for their audience on social media platforms.

For real estate brands, time is always a rare resource. Making time for real estate social media can be hard for you. In this case, you can rely on a Real Estate social media company in India- SEOFIED IT Services Pvt. Ltd.

Do you need help with your Real Estate Social Media in India?

SEOFIED knows real estate and can understand that you might not have the time to manage your own social media campaign.

We can help YOU! At SEOFIED, we have a dedicated team of in-house social media experts to create and manage effective real estate social campaigns. Our goal is to get your real estate agency the most attention on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

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