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Real Estate PPC Company in India

SEOFIED’s Pay Per Click marketing for real estate companies in India produces quality leads. It gives you feedback almost immediately. Having many years of experience as a top digital marketing company in India, we know which keywords or ads work best and what needs to be on your landing page to convert the traffic.

Overview of Real Estate Business in India and PPC

Technology and digitalization have brought a revolution in several spheres of our lives. Today most people rely more on the internet to make their purchase decisions.Internet marketing has revolutionized many industrial sector functions and helped the real estate industry grow its business online. Real estate is one of the most competitive and profitable industries. As a real estate company, you probably have many competitors nationwide from companies to local self-starters.What to do to keep your real estate business running? You need to figure out the best way to stand out against your competition with a well-managed PPC real estate service in India. PPC is also known as Pay-Per-Click Advertising because you pay whenever someone clicks one of your ads. These are the search ads that you see at the top of search engine results. Every time someone clicks one of your search ads, you pay a small fee.

Real Estate Business

What is PPC for the Real estate?

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing for real estate agents helps in achieving business growth in a competitive market. With our real estate PPC service in India, you can bring people directly to your website and experience conversions. Pay-Per-Click for real estate companies helps driving hundreds of visitors to your website and generates real estate leads online, no matter what your budget is. If your real estate website is built to convert, start capturing more leads with effective PPC management.

Pay-Per-Click for Real Estate Companies in India: How does PPC for realtors work?

Our Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a premium, full-service program that ensures boosting quality traffic to your real estate website with big returns.

Is it about getting better leads instantly ? We say Yes!

  • With the Pay Per Click marketing campaign, you are targeting people at the exact moment when they are searching for homes.
  • When someone searches “homes for sale" you are there to give them exactly what they want. It makes them pretty good candidates to turn into loyal clients.
  • With a PPC campaign for real estate, you provide a helping hand to buyers at their initial stages of searching for a home. It results in providing you the better engagement and leads.
  • The best thing about PPC for real estate agents is achieving fast-track lead generation by paying to show in the search results.
  • Our PPC team creates high-converting landing pages that are specifically designed to get people to register.
  • When it comes to real estate ad campaigns, we build and refine the proprietary keyword list to design an effective campaign that saves you time and money.
  • Our PPC strategy offers a huge opportunity for real estate agents that help to improve their businesses and succeed.

PPC Strategy for Real Estate Companies in India: Real Estate PPC Tips That Work

As a real estate business, you may drain thousands into advertisements that reach no one and accomplish nothing. Our real estate PPC service in India is all about optimizing your bid propositions, finding the right audience, and keeping your ad spend low. It requires some effective real estate tips and strategies to make the campaign profitable.

Select the Keyword Phrases for Real Estate Marketing PPC

PPC allows your website to appear at the top of the search engine for any keyword. Your real estate marketing would not benefit from featuring an irrelevant search term. Find out the keywords that work to bring in people who convert into leads.

How to understand your target audience?

  • What is your customer profile?
  • What information are the prospects looking for?
  • How are the users searching to get the information?

We ensure your landing pages reflect the advertising keywords to make PPC work for you effectively. When someone clicks on your ad, they land on the targeted page directly. Build up a list of keywords and finalize the keywords you bid on that are relevant to your audience and the landing pages.

Optimize Your Site for PPC Campaigns

Local keyword phrases are crucial to real estate agents. Real estate agents selling homes and properties with a fixed location may find the location- one of the driving forces behind real estate purchases. When you use local keyword phrases, make sure your landing pages match the search intent.

Set Max CPC Budgets

When you set up your real estate PPC campaign, set a budget and decide the maximum or max CPC. PPC campaign is something that you can adjust and optimize to get the best results. Set out the goals you want to achieve with your PPC campaign to get an idea of your budget. Based on your average conversion rate and cost per click, you can adjust your budget. Always remember that it is not all about the price you pay for the PPC campaign. Your PPC ads quality plays an essential role. A high-quality PPC ad is the most favored by the search engine’s algorithm. If you want to maximize your budget, consider boosting your click-through rate (CTR.).

Decide the Right Ad Platform

Search engines are not only about Google. We know Google is the biggest search platform having more than 3.5 billion searches per day. There are different search engines and other ad platforms that you need to explore for your real estate PPC campaign. As per your business goals and the target audience, decide the search and ad platform. For real estate PPC marketing, social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram are vital sources. PPC on social media for real estate offers you a highly visual medium to incorporate images, videos, and other effects. It helps your advertising stand out from the crowd. Always choose the ad platform and message that resonates with your target audience. Whichever platform you use, make sure to display your message that suits the medium and engages the target audience. Try to focus on the techniques that work best.

Choose the Real Estate PPC Ad Format

You will have lots of format options to set up your ad campaign.

  • Search ads: These are the traditional ads that you see at the top of search engine results. Search ads are useful for real estate agents to reach a targeted audience at the precise moment when they are active.
  • Shopping ads: These are product-focused advertisements that allow you to feature at the top of search engine results.
  • Display ads: The display ads ensure your real estate listing features on other people’s websites. It can be a cost-effective way to reach a broad audience, but difficult to judge the buyer cycle.
  • Video ads: These ads play between videos on YouTube. It is a great way to incorporate a more interactive aspect to your ad campaign and an effective way to reach motivated buyers.
  • Gmail ads: These ads appear at the top of a user’s Gmail inbox and help to reach a targeted audience. With Gmail ads, it is difficult to determine a buyer's intent.

Create the Targeted Landing Page

After choosing an ad format, you need to create a targeted landing page on your real estate website. A landing page on your website is designed to appeal to people who have clicked on a specific ad. Create a different page for each ad to track the calls to action that directly relate to the ads the users have clicked. A landing page should have the text about the topic of your ad and include video, images, or interactive elements. The end goal of a landing page should be turning a new visitor to your site into a sales lead. Add a call to action (CTA) to the bottom of each landing page to encourage the reader for taking some kind of action, like contacting you about a specific property, signing up for an email newsletter, or calling to set up a consultation.

Bring Everything Together

Keyword, ad, and landing page bring everything all together to create a great user experience. Over time, make some improvements to your ads and landing pages to experience increase clicks or conversions. PPC for a realtor offers an edge over the competition and attracts more customers.

Get The Best Results From Our Real Estate Digital Marketing in India!

Digital marketing for real estate companies in India is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from others. As an experienced digital marketing company in India, SEOFIED IT Services Pvt. Ltd knows what your prospects want. Our experts make sure the real estate digital marketing strategies are implemented and utilized in the best way. We improve your chances of getting found by potential customers and experience quality conversion.

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