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PPC Agency in India for Logistics Companies

SEOFIED is a PPC agency in India for logistics companies that offer specialized Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management services. We make sure to implement a winning PPC marketing strategy for you to edge out your bigger competitors. Our Pay Per Click advertising for logistics companies aims to deliver a high converting PPC campaign that increases your revenue and boosts traffic.

As one of the most reliable PPC marketing agencies for logistics companies in India, we are committed to delivering services for achieving your business goals. At SEOFIED, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide your logistics company with the best possible results. Our teams collaborate to give each client the best chance for growth and success.

Logistics Companies

How does PPC Helps Logistics Companies?

Most logistics companies in India struggle to grow and optimize their sales process. For small or growing logistics companies, sales can prove difficult to scale. You did not need a globally recognized brand or enterprise-level market penetration to boost your sales and business growth.

Get more qualified leads and experience high-value sales with our transparent PPC services for logistics companies in India. Small-to-midsized logistics businesses trust SEOFIED to advertise on Google, Facebook, and more online sources with our Pay-Per-Click management services. We have a team of PPC experts who provide you monthly reporting, optimization, landing page designing, high-quality content, and continuous campaign testing. With our smarter targeting PPC techniques, we strive to drive you better results.

Our cost-effective PPC strategy is based on increasing your campaign’s conversion rate and reduces your company’s cost per acquisition and cost per lead. As a Google Ads agency for logistics companies in India, SEOFIED configures your Google Ads campaign that proves to be an excellent source of attracting quality traffic. We target the right keyword, do audience selections, competitor research, and more before running ads for your logistics company's website. Our goal is to reduce ads expenditure and improve conversion rates. From bid strategies and audience selections to conversion goals, we make sure everything is perfectly set to provide you the better results.

Get Targeted Traffic Quickly

When you have a business website, traffic is everything for you. Your logistics website needs highly qualified traffic that boosts sales. With PPC, you get quality traffic and almost immediate results. A targeted PPC campaign may cost you some money but proves to be worth the investment.

Works Well With Other Online Marketing Strategies

PPC is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy that nicely gets along with other online marketing methods. The clicks and conversions provide an excellent insight into how your PPC campaign is performing.

Gives You the Control

One of the best benefits of PPC channels like Google Ads is it gives you a wealth of options for reaching potential customers. PPC campaigns offer great flexibility if you want to start small. It is all up to you to set a budget and money to bid for each targeted keyword.

If you want to change anything from your PPC campaign, it can be easily done in real-time. Whenever required, you can stop or pause your PPC advertising campaign. It will stop your ads from showing up and cut down your expenses.

97% of consumers go online to find and research local products and services.

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Advantages of Pay-Per-Click Management Solutions for Logistics Companies

Here are some of the key advantages of Pay-Per-Click management solutions for logistics companies.

search engine rankingsCompete regardless of high search engine rankings

Whether your logistics website ranks well in search engines or not, you can promote your business through Pay-Per-Click advertising to get better results. With a well-planned and managed PPC campaign, you can gain an edge over your competitors. A PPC advertising campaign helps start-ups aim for attracting customers in a highly competitive field.

Pay only when someone clicks on your adPay only when someone clicks on your ad

With other advertising campaigns, you pay the amount for your ad spot, regardless of the results. With a PPC advertising campaign, you enjoy the benefits of paying only when someone interacts with your ad, which provides a chance of a conversion. You Can never go over your budget by running a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign.

Set the budget for your adsSet the budget for your ads

Pay-Per-Click advertising enables you to work within your budget. Whether you are a small business or a developed one, you get the advantage of constantly changing your ad budget within your limits and requirement.

PPC advertising campaign is easy to launchPPC advertising campaign is easy to launch

We can set up your PPC advertising campaign in a fast and easy way with proper ad text and a landing page that results in higher ROI. Soon after launching your PPC campaign, you can see the results in your favor.

Gain brand recognitionGain brand recognition

Your PPC ads show up more frequently and attract more active users. It makes people aware of your logistics business. A PPC advertising campaign helps to build your company’s reputation online, whether people click on the ads at first or not.

Reach your ideal customersReach your ideal customers

PPC advertising targets your ads directly to the people who are most likely to become your customers. We conduct keyword research to determine which keywords potential customers are searching. You can bid on relevant keywords and get your ad in front of targeted and active users.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services for Logistics Companies

As a PPC agency in India for Logistics Companies, SEOFIED helps clients manage their PPC campaigns towards achieving their goals. We run successful campaigns like Google Ads and Facebook ads to help our clients reach the targeted buyers on the most effective paid platforms. Our goal is to run a PPC management program that achieves the best results for the clients and provides them the ultimate level of transparency. Our Pay per click is a highly effective paid advertising model that enhances brand recognition, promotes services, and attracts a specific target. As a leading PPC marketing agency for logistics companies in India, we provide valuable and effective services to take your business a level up.

Google Ads Account Audit

Google Ads Account Audit

We help you get the best out of your Google Ads. Our Google certified professionals provide services for display campaigns, keyword audit, and more to ensure your business enjoy the optimum level of benefits.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing

Our team of PPC experts uses proven strategies and cutting-edge solutiuons to evaluate the landing pages and campaign performance. It helps in optimizing them for greater returns.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our Pay-Per-Click management services include landing page design reviews, convincing PPC ad texts, and user-friendly lead generation form. These all factors are essential for improving your conversion rate.

Paid Search

Paid Search

We make sure to put your logistics company at the top of search results with the best bidding strategies. Our paid search specialists ensure improving your website’s ranking and impression share.

PPC Audit

PPC Audit

Our certified PPC experts conduct an in-depth evaluation of your market, competitors, audience, and more to identify gaps and plan out an effective PPC strategy for greater ROI.

Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword Research and Analysis

We try and understand your targeted audience’s search habits. Based on the research, we constantly refine the keyword list to your search performance.

Landing Page Creation and Optimization

Landing Page Creation and Optimization

We make sure your logistics business has well-designed and optimized landing pages. Landing pages with high-performing keywords, specific CTAs, and engaging content proves to be the best for a PPC advertising campaign.

Let’s take a look at your website & search marketing together to find opportunities for growth.

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Best Practices to Follow For Setting Up and Managing a PPC Campaign

It is essential revisiting your PPC strategy to improve campaign performance. Reviewing best practices for a PPC campaign is a great way to keep up with the latest trends and improve the campaign’s performance. Here are PPC best practices to set up, adjust, plan, and manage a campaign for better ROI.

Select the Keywords

Before setting up a PPC campaign, you need to determine the keywords that search engine users type into the search bar to find information. To run a PPC campaign, you need to know the industry-related terms that people search the most. Choose the keywords that are highly-targeted long-tail keywords, which reflect searchers’ intent.

Create Landing Pages
  • Landing pages are essential to the success of your Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign. These pages provide solutions and directly answer questions to users.
  • Design and build landing pages with the right keywords to give in-depth and valuable information to the users.
  • When you answer a user’s question, you give them information and prove the users as a reliable and smart source.
Write Engaging Ads
  • Write your ads that have an appealing headline and conversion worth call to action.
  • Make sure the headline of your ad should include the targeted keyword and gives information about your company.
  • You can encourage the users to convert by using a call to action, like Buy Now, Call Now, Sign Up Now, and more. The strong calls to action guide users on what to do to become new customers.
Track the Results and Monitor the Campaign
  • PPC advertising campaign is valuable because it is highly trackable. You get details about your ads performance, clicks, and more. It helps in refining your PPC campaign to become better.
  • Some of the most crucial statistics in a PPC campaign are impressions, bounce rate, and click-through rate (CTR).
  • The impression is the number of times that your ad shows up in searches.
  • CTR is the percentage of users who click your ad after viewing it.
  • Bounce rate is the number of people who view your ad, click on the advertisement, and then leave without doing anything on your website.
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At SEOFIED, we have a team of passionate PPC experts who leave no stone unturned to deliver the best for our clients. If you are serious about increasing inbound leads and the number of phone calls, you need our dedicated team to achieve success for your logistics company. We stay updated on every information and trend related to Pay-Per-Click advertising to implement the best strategies. Our dedicated team is ready to conquer all of the toughest PPC advertising challenges for your logistics companies in India and deliver better results.

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