Business Page positioning guide: Google My Business

Author : Deepak Kumar Das |


After the technological development, the digital world is the trend and foundation to explore business. The scrolling over handy gadgets needs a skilled strategy that sky-high the commerce within nanoseconds.

When it comes to talking about to position our business on the Internet, we have to take into account that the presence in Google My Business is important. It facilitates that the clients know the company, providing visibility, reputation and diverse information of the same obtaining thus, improving its online presence.

Google My Business is a free Google product that allows your business or company to show up when people search Google Search, Google+ and Google Maps.

It shows the contact information such as telephone number, location, opening hours of your business, and links to the user website, a brief description, and photographs.

Local SEO to position your business

Local SEO is made up of strategies that facilitate access and information about companies that are located in the immediate vicinity of the potential client.

It provides information about schedules, the address, how to arrive, catalog of products and other aspects. Local SEO makes the search engine show the most suitable result according to its location and manages to satisfy the user’s needs according to their location on the map. Therefore, it is crucial that companies provide data so that users can know and choose them when they are looking for a good or service guided only by the location and not by knowing the company.

It is desirable that whenever a company or business has a physical space where they develop their activity; carry out local SEO strategies to enhance the arrival of most of their target audience. To work on this local positioning, general SEO strategies are also developed: optimization of the page by working on-page SEO, quality link building or mentions in Social Networks. In addition to these tasks, local SEO has specific strategies such as the Google My Business tool, used to give visibility to business and place it on the map.

What is Google My Business and what does this SEO tool do?

Google My Business is a tool that Google gives us to make our business visible within a certain local area.  Its use in the business world is significant to be able to manage key factors in the field of positioning. It is also used to manage the image in the online media of brands, artists, and organisations.


Google My Business is a complement to the company’s website, which provides a public image. Through it, you can unify the Google Plus profile of the business and the location in Google Maps.

Steps to register in Google My Business

1) Creating an account on Google: It is necessary to have an account on Google to be able to register the profile of the company in Business. Entering with the account, we can start the registration.

2) Definition of type of business: When registering with Google My Business, the first step is to choose the kind of business. This choice is made depending on whether you have the physical location of the company or not. Before registering, it is advisable to ensure that it does not already exist in order to avoid a duplication that is usually habitual.

3) Showcase: This is the right option for businesses with a physical location to provide their services or sell their products in a specific geographical area. Like shops, restaurants or business offices.

4) Service area: This is the case of professionals who offer their service by moving to the place where the client is. Taxi service, electricians, and food delivery services.

5) Brand: It is intended to publicize a brand, make it visible and promote it. Also for organizations or associations. It is not included in Google Maps, but through Google Plus they offer options to interact with your followers.

6) Add your business: Search the business in Google Maps, if it does not appear it is added. It may be the case that you are already registered. The reason may be because Google publishes business from information collected by other sources; in this case, Google links the accounts and is updated in the course of about 7-10 days. If the registration belongs to a previous owner, the ideal would be to contact him to provide us with the access data, and if this is not possible, the registration is usually registered and, once the company verified, is communicated to Google duplicity of the registry to deactivate the one that is not updated.

In case you are not registered, fill in the data requested by Google. If the company serves its customers in their locations, the option “I offer goods and services in the location of my clients” must be selected and the radius of the service area must be selected. Besides, there is also the option of “I also attend to the clients in the direction of my company,” so the full address will appear on Google.

7) Verification of the business:

To be aware that the information provided is true and correct Google requests verification of the data. Depending on the type of company, Google will request a verification system or another.

  • Postal verification: Google will send by ordinary mail a verification code to the address provided.
  • Telephone verification: Not available for all companies. If this option is not proposed when carrying out the verification of the data, the post described above will be made.
  • Instant verification: Not available for all companies. It can be done if you have previously verified the company’s website with Google Webmaster Tools. You only need to sign in to Google My Business with the account used in website verification with Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Mass verification: Only available for companies with more than ten locations. Verification is requested in Google My Business Locations. When the information is updated, the edition is finished.


Google My Business allows you to inform your customers about your business directly, whether they search on Google, Maps or Google+. Hence Your Google Business page can become an excellent source of business for you.

Bottom Line:

What do you think? What Why it is must to have a Google business page? Is your Google business page making an impact on your business? Were you happy with the results? Please share your thoughts and comments at below.