Common Cases of 409 Error on Contact us Page and Fixes


In Some Cases Server Block Contact, Contact-us pages and don't allow search engine crawlers to scan the page. This is a best practice as in max cases, these pages can't hold much content and allow spammer to attack.

In Screaming Frog, Google and HTTP Status it throws 409 Error Code. Some users don't find it good and need this page to be index.

Good thing is that it has solution to it. 

1) if you are a server administrator, you can allow search engine to crawl this page.

2) if you are using shared hosting user, than change the page name to reach-us, find-us, reservation, etc..

Now you can see your issue is resolved. For any other help, please contact, Our Teach team can overcome any known issues and can R&D for your new issues.

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