Know Why Your Website Doesnt Generate Leads and How You Can Fix This?

Not getting the volume of leads you need?

Are you worried about why your website does not drive leads? You are not alone! No one wants to say that their website is under performing and not generating leads. A website is judged on several criteria, like design, content, quality, and ease of use. If something seems off to the visitors, they will not take the desired action and abandon your website. Want to know what you are doing wrong! Where are the leads? How to fix the issue? Reach us today to learn more about our lead generation techniques for small businesses. Let us first disclose what exactly is hampering your website to generate leads!

Why Your Website Does not Generate Leads? No Calls To Action Visitors come to your landing page and read the content. What next? Is there any reason for the visitors to stick around? If you do not give visitors an idea of what you want them to do, like a strong CTA or call to action, the visitors will not stay on your site for long. When the visitors come to your site, tell or direct them with CTAs, like · Subscribe Now- If you want to attract more email newsletter subscribers ·

Add to Cart- If you want the visitors to buy something. You can use the CTAs as a button with contrasting and bold colors or an interactive form to fill out and submit. Always make the call to action prominent and easy to follow. It can help bring in new leads. Complicated Contact Forms or Landing Pages A conversion page or a landing page on your website allows you to capture a visitor’s information with a form. Always keep it easy to fill up the contact form on the landing page. It helps the visitors to figure out where to go next and what to do. If the visitors cannot fill the contact form, it will not give you the desired leads. Keep your lead-generating landing pages simple and ensure they work whenever someone clicks them. For your landing pages, consider an uncluttered design with fields and minimal graphics. It is essential to put the information in front of the visitor’s eyes.

If including a contact form, ask for the information that you need to follow up. Make sure it does not take too long to complete the contact form. Else, your visitors may abandon the task and move on. Confusing Navigation A confusing layout and design can distract visitors from the essential information. If your website does not contain the call to action and other vital details, you may lose the visitor’s attention and a valuable lead. Poor or Insufficient Content You get only a few seconds to convert a site visitor into a customer. If the website content does not resonate with the visitors, they will not connect with your service, product, or business. If the content contains vague details or poor grammar and spelling, things can become worse. Never let poorly written content drive away your valuable leads.

Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly Some potential leads may want to convert, but why they cannot! Maybe they were trying to access a desktop site from a mobile device. In this digital age, consumers and businesses are using mobile and many other devices to shop or search for a particular service. If your website is not mobile-friendly, it can hamper the lead generation efforts. Opt for a responsive website design to ensure the landing pages and contact forms load properly on multiple devices, like smartphones, tablets, and other devices. It will help the visitors to access your website from their mobile device and allows you to reach them and experience conversion. How to make lead generation possible with your website? It is not about getting frustrated.

If there is a will, there is a way to achieve success and get the desired results! When there is an issue, work on fixing it! Now Explore the Ways to Fix the Lead Generation Issues of your Website! Go for a Fast and Professional Website Design: Is your look like it came straight from the ‘90s? There is an abundance of cheap and easily installed website themes. You need to avoid a clunky and pixelated website. To give your visitors a good first impression and attract potential leads, you need a professional website.

How to make a website fast and pretty that retains visitors?

Upgrading using WordPress as your website framework can help you explore thousands of plug-ins and themes to optimize it. Follow the speed improvement tips at the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to know how fast your website is and how to improve it. Improving the webpage speed is essential for both SEO and reducing page abandonment rates. Incorporate User Experience (UX) design tips to make your website user-friendly. UX is a web design element that is gaining importance with each passing year. Pick a complementary color scheme to make your website pleasing to the eye. Try to incorporate a set of complementary colors into your website design. Optimize Your Website with SEO:

How about optimizing your website?

It is one of the best ways of experiencing lead generation through digital marketing! Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most used online marketing strategies that have a massive impact on organic lead generation. When your business uses SEO or your website is search engine optimized, you experience sales and leads improving. The search engine optimization strategies increase your visibility in search results, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Your business and website need greater visibility in search results to attract visitors and prospective customers. If your company does not appear in search results related to the business, products, industry, or services, you become invisible to your target market. For your company, it can result in a decrease in website leads. If you use SEO, it does not mean getting instant success. By partnering with a reliable digital marketing firm having years of experience and understanding of technical SEO, you can develop a successful SEO strategy. Launching an optimized website is not enough for your company. It is essential to make search engine optimization a core part of your business as a lead generation strategy. 

How does SEO prove to be one of the lead generation strategies for small businesses? 

Your company can start experiencing website’s lead generation rates with the following steps: Website audit Market research Compiling a list of relevant keywords for your website Optimizing your multimedia and content Publishing your optimized content Checking your content’s performance every month Contact Information- Make It Clear: Before becoming a lead or making a purchase, some consumers want to talk to you! Keep it easy and simple for visitors to contact you! Place your contact information, like phone number and email address, in prominent locations. Having your number on the top bar of your website and a dedicated contact page containing your email address proves to be effective. If you want visitors to know about your business’s physical location, place the address in an easy-to-find spot on your site or consider embedding a Google Map with a marker on your address. It makes it easy for visitors to navigate to your business. 

How keeping your contact information clear can earn leads from your website? 

A user calls your business using the mentioned phone number on your website A user signs up for an e-book, or email newsletter While a phone call is valuable, a contact form is one of the most popular ways businesses receive leads. If you are not getting leads on your website, have a look at your contact forms. When valuable potential leads arrive on your website, view products or services, and get excited about contacting you through a contact form. Avoid providing a broken contact form or asking for too much information, as it can make or break lead generation. Tips to optimize your contact forms to maximize lead generation: Test your contact form to make sure it works and submits the information to the sales team Ask co-workers, family, and friends to use the contact form and provide feedback Add a compelling call-to-action (CTA) Do A/B testing to experiment with a different form of content, fields, and designs Place contact form on appropriate pages Do not place the forms on your legal web pages, like terms and conditions and privacy policy. Improve Overall Website Appearance: What do your visitors want to know about you? Attract your visitors by adding relevant photos, videos, and testimonials. It creates trust within the visitors and drives them to become potential customers. Adding Photos We love to see pictures. To humanize your business and improve your overall website appearance, add relevant photos of your work, products, and more. What to place and where? Place photos of your team on the about us page. Add photos of your flagship products to your home pages. Add the highest quality optimized images to all of your blog posts. Adding Testimonials Most people trust the claims of other consumers! 

How about implementing it to improve your lead generation? 

To generate more leads, place positive testimonials on your website. It shows your business and product are helpful and trustworthy. Shine with Compelling CTAs: What acts as a lead magnet? CTA may seem minor, but it has a tremendous influence on user actions. Call to Action has a significant impact on your lead conversions. If your website does not feature a CTA, it can lead the visitors to leave. Having complex Calls to Action across your site causes potential leads to ignoring your instructions. 

How use CTAs to increase leads on your website? 

If you want to turn your CTAs into persuasive recommendations, here are some steps: Research your audience Determine what your visitors want Evaluate your competitors Assess your competitors' unique selling points (USPs) and CTAs Use your assessment to brainstorm some potential CTAs Make your CTAs stand out by updating the page design Keep your CTAs to the point and short Continue developing and testing CTAs! With every update, you can uncover new ways to motivate your visitors and experience an increase in your lead generation numbers. Let Your High-Quality Content Speak to the Visitors: Your website needs a lot of high-quality content that is informative and engaging. The content speaks to the visitors and lets them know about your brand, product, and services. Blog posts, infographics, videos, website content, and other forms of content are useful to attract visitors and results in lead generation. A lack of content makes it difficult to bring in qualified traffic from lucrative sources. If you create your content and set your website up correctly, you can experience lead generation from social media platforms and search results. It is essential to make the content high-quality, informative that your target audience finds interesting and helpful. 

How to make high-quality content? 

Make the content excellent- Make sure your content is not just another blog post or YouTube video. Aim to focus on the content quality that helps you stand out the moment people read people start reading and watching it. Take the extra time to ensure the content’s presentation is sharp and professional. Make the content useful- If your content needs to solve a problem, give some unique insight on issues or provide actionable advice that your target market cares about. Give the content an intriguing headline- If you want to get people to click on your content, give it an eye-catching headline with relevant keywords. It helps your content that stands out from the rest. Show Your Leads the Right Way with Uncluttered Site Navigation: Are your prospective leads not getting the right direction to reach you? Does your website navigation matter? Make sure your website’s navigation must tell a story that makes sense. Having too many navigation items on your site could confuse your visitors and drive them away. Try to establish who you are what services or products do you offer to the prospects how you provide the best solutions Eliminate all content and pages from your website that do not align with those goals. 

How to Experience Transforming Your Website into a Lead Generating Machine? 

In this digital age, everyone relies on the Internet, like search engines, to research, compare, and contact businesses. You need a website that performs well in search results and provides the best user experience to drive leads. Do you want to get started on improving your website’s lead generation numbers? 

How about working with us? 

SEOFIED IT Services PVT. LTD. helps you manage the lead generation requirement by transforming your website into a lead magnet. Lead Generation Ideas for Small Business: We believe in serving businesses like start-ups and small businesses by providing them the best services and solutions to boost their lead generation. As India’s leading web solution provider, we are the trustworthy source for many national and international businesses. Contact our team today to learn more about lead-generating ideas!

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