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PPC Advertising For Hospital

The internet has helped billions of healthcare services to establish their business online. How would you give your business the visibility to stand out and get noticed by the customers when you already have so much competition? It is vital that you show your leads the right door to get to you. PPC or Pay Per Click advertising targets specific demographics that serve your ads. PPC advertising steers the competitive healthcare field of advertising and directs traffic to the websites directly as soon as they click on an Internet ad. Hire the best PPC service for hospital in India to boost your conversion.

7 Hospital Advertising Tips for Your Ads

  • Create a responsive and informative website that provides detailed information about your services and treatments offered. Timings, location, cost, etc., are crucial information that should always be present on a healthcare website.
  • Slow loading times of websites have a great impact on the searchers. Patients have shown to be unwilling to stay on a healthcare website that is slow to load. So, test the site speeds regularly
  • You must discover the best ways to represent your healthcare brand with the marketing materials available.
  • Social media presence is significant for your healthcare business to take off.
  • SEO is powerful and should be a part of the website. Look for important keywords and create content around them. Take professional help!
  • Assess the online patient experience. Go through the reviews, feedbacks and take steps to fix any issues that may seem to be highlighted by the patients.
  • PPC ads are crucial for healthcare marketing as they are laser-targeted to show up on the results screen when a user searches for a set of terms or phrases. Team with an experienced hospital PPC agency to get the best results.

PPC Advertising For Hospital

  • Approximately 60% of searchers click through to get information on healthcare. Having an optimized landing page and up-to-date website is significant.
  • More than 50% of searches are done from smartphones, and around 40% of people use a laptop/PC. Make sure the ads are responsive.
  • Name, address, and contact details are significant in PPC advertising.
  • 89% of searches on healthcare happen through Google Search – make it useful.
  • Always use location target Adwords because 63% of people check the distance of healthcare facilities from their office or home.
  • Healthcare PPC ads should contain keywords that match the vocabulary of the patients and not the clinical terms. An in-depth understanding on the phrases and keywords will help create a successful PPC campaign.
  • About 71% of prospective customers are lost when the website is not informative.
  • PPC campaigns should be monitored regularly, and required changes should be made to ensure the campaign is effective.
  • A persuasive and clear call-to-action on a powerful landing page enhances conversion.

Tips for Making Your PPC Hospital Ads Stand Out on Google

Use Location Targeting

Location targeting is also known as geo-targeting and is a strategy used in PPC to target a local audience. The strategies used can help contact target customers based on their geographical location.

Learn About Your Competitor Campaigns

Competition is neck-deep, and your competitors are also trying to attract customers. To stay ahead in the game, you must know what your competitors are posting in their ads. This will help you get an insight into their approach, and you can plan your PPC campaigns accordingly.

Optimize Landing Pages

Landing pages are the website pages on which a potential customer lands on clicking your ad. Optimizing landing pages simply means providing information that is relevant to your ad. This helps in an increased rate of conversion.

Understanding Search Intent

Understanding the intention of potential customers can help in increased clicks and, therefore, conversion. This basically requires using relevant and useful keywords to create the ads so you can reach your target audience. The keywords, ads, and intent of the searchers should be in sync with each other.

Responsive Ads

Responsive ads will adjust their appearance, format, and size according to the ad spaces available. So, the same responsive ad may appear as a large image/text in one place and as a small image/text ad in a different place of ad.

Conduct PPC Audits at Regular Intervals

An audit is nothing but thorough examination of something. To get the most value of your PPC campaign you must conduct regular audits. Conducting audits helps in uncovering fresh ideas and gives you an opportunity to re-organize your healthcare PPC campaign in a novel way that is profitable.


Ad extensions are little pieces of information about your healthcare business, such as a location name or phone number, that are added to the Google ads. Additional information enables people to know more about your business and gives them a reason to select your service. Ad extensions also influence your Ad Rank and majorly impacts the performance and placement of your ad on Google’s Result Pages.

Which ad network is best for healthcare PPC?

Almost all healthcare PPC campaigns are done through Google AdWords and Microsoft Advertising (earlier known as Bing Ads). Google AdWords is the largest PPC advertising network in the world.

Its wide reach across the globe, its ease of usage, the many options to customize, and tools to control your PPC campaigns; make it a popular choice of ad network.

Google dominates other search engines with roughly 6.5 billion searches made on it every day. About 92.6% of search queries happen on Google. The remaining small percentage is taken by other search engines. Although Bing comes right after Google, the search query percentage is just 2.3%.

Therefore, choosing Google Ads over the others would be a smart choice. However, Bing Ads may be a cost-effective option as they charge lesser than Google Ads. If searchers in your areas are using Bing then it may definitely get you a fair percentage of clicks and conversions.

Why use PPC advertising for healthcare?

  • PPC ads are simple and easy to create
  • You get instant traffic with PPC ads
  • PPC ads give an opportunity for multi-layered targeting
  • PPC user data is significant for your social media strategy
  • PPC ads allow retargeting
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