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Whenever we think of web design, we think about layouts, photos, size of text, font, colour schemes & more. Yes, those things matter a lot, but good web design is defined by what happens behind the scenes & what the visitors see on each page. As architects, you need to understand that attractive designs can be pleasing aesthetically but won't be enough to compensate for functionality that is poor. That;s why you need specialists like us, who with their years of experience & expertise can give your clients the best user experience ever.

Who do architects need the best website design for their business?

Visual persona

Architecture is one of those industries that are highly visual. That’s why the websites are expected to be a visual reflection of the design personality of the architectural firm. With the help of architectural design elements, you can easily create a great visual association with the architecture. With great execution of icons, motifs, images & other elements, you can create an amazing persona for the website.

Brilliant Website Architecture

Just like the architecture of any building impacts its usability, the architecture & design also determines the user experience. The website information should make it easy for visitors to navigate websites & should also prioritize all elements that visitors are a lot likely to expect.

Provision of services

The services that are given to you are like a mainstay of the website. You don't have to bury them under the menu of ‘services’. Make sure to enlist all the services as proper navigation links. That way, regardless of whatever page a visitor is on, they will have an idea of the service categories at one glance. They won't have to check the services menu to understand whether they can provide you with landscape design, interior design or even other services.


Reading the testimonials of others will inspire & motivate you to trust in your services. Future clients may not be aware of the reputation within your industry. If you want, you can get hold of testimonials, record them at the past projects site & use them to add a human touch or credibility. Testimonials after all are an excellent way to influence the decision of every visitor & contact them about services.


The portfolio is one of the most visited sections of the architect’s website. This presents the accomplishments & projects to prospective customers. It will paint a picture of the capabilities. A portfolio is beyond a basic image set of your previously accomplished projects. All you need to do is create an experience where the visitors can filter the portfolio depending on the locations, needs, type & a lot more. The better you make it for your visitors, the better your user experience & likelihood will be of converting all your visitors into actual inquiries & customers.

97% of consumers go online to find and research local products and services.

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How will SEOFIED give you the best designer experience?

High Quality Text With Impeccable Readability

Readability & poor font is one of the biggest concerns why people don't trust websites online. That;s why we at SEOFIED work towards providing you with high quality & readable text. We break the content down in smaller sections with the appropriate headers & subheaders that allows readers to get hold of all the important information.

Impressive Layout

A lot of architects who are new in the business have no idea what the layout should be like. But our design experiences can solve all of that. We focus on providing solid colours like black, grey & white & ensure the text is easy to read & the graphics stand out. There are other elements on side menus like footers & headers which we make sure appear in the right colours & font size so that all information is displayed.

Amazing Graphics & Visualization

Having the right photos is a must when it comes to displaying your digital expertise. That’s why we will provide you with the right graphics, give you solid advice on the right images so that you don't forget about highlighting the best content or placing photos on the website like case study pages or even a gallery.

Simple Navigation

Visitors generally judge how easy it will be to move & get a hold of what they need. That’s why with our best in class design schemes we will reflect how you can navigate a website with key content, portion menus, call to actions etc.

Our Other Services That Can Improve Your Website Design

Content Management

Content management is one of the key ways to improve your website design. For this, we will help you manage your system with the help of CMS. With the help of a reliable CMS, the changes should not take a long time & will easily be able to improve the design.


Functionality is the second major aspect that can help you improve your website design. For this, we will provide you with guidance on how you can enable visitors to share & access their content, sign up for their social media platforms & enable the firm through a contact form. If that doesn’t happen, your visitors will end up leaving the website, & that is something you’d want to avoid.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO determines how the visibility of websites inside search engine results. If your website offers good results, that means it will attain high ranks, if the SEO is poor, then it wont. Always remember that your design can easily affect SEO. That’s why you need experts like us who can help you improve your bounce rate. Websites that come with a great rate dont rank as well as websites as low ones. Publishing relevant content, using meta tags, alt tags, keyword & description meta datas are some of the best ways to go about that.

While this might be a time consuming decision, even for those who have the best design experience. Whenever you trust someone with a professional firm, you will end up having a website that is functional looking, attracts the right prospects & plays a part of your marketing plan.

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