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One of the most active and effective marketing strategies that you can also incorporate in your architectural business marketing strategies for assured growth is Social Media Marketing strategies. Social media helps you reach your target audience in the shortest time through some catchy and crisp content. Since the last few years, social media content marketing has consistently proved to be a very casual yet successful way to establish and maintain a relevant connection. You can use the social media content rightly as the primary conversation starter, but ultimately, the traffic that comes on your website is what matters in the long run.

The main reason behind the growing need for social media marketing is the rising popularity and number of Social Media users across the globe. To talk about the most prominent name Facebook, it has more than 500 million active users who spend 700 billion minutes per month on the site networking with profiles known and unknown and browsing through things that catch attention.

Social Media marketing has far-reaching benefits like serving as one of the cheapest forms of marketing in today’s digital world and the most engaging of all marketing tools. The most important feature of this marketing tool is that it reserves the potential to reach targets crossing all demographic barriers.

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97% of consumers go online to find and research local products and services.

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Best ways how Architects can leverage Social Media marketing for business growth

Making use of Viral Trends

Like other industries, Architectures can also use the viral strategies of social media marketing, i.e., trend. A trend is nothing but a topic, subject, or just a buzzword that is popular in the current times and worth making and going viral. The first and foremost strategy here is to take up such a topic and make the trend viral in your way. The only thing you need to remember is that they do not last very long, and you have to make the most out of it in that short and crisp period.

Use of relevant and in trend hashtags

Social media works a lot on another tool that is Hashtag. Every viral trend is sure to be accompanied by a hashtag. Therefore, you should make a thumb rule for your social media marketing practice that you attach relevant hashtags every time you catch up with a trend for your social media pages and contents posts. One small tip is that you should not use hashtags only with trendy posts but make full use of evergreen hashtags to boost your posts any time.

Conduct competitions

One of the most compelling architectural social media marketing strategies that call for maximum engagement is architectural competitions. Any competition based on design, decoration, and construction thrown to your followers, fans, and general social media users would create maximum engagement. That is the target of your business through the use of social media.

Come up with Before and After posts.

The public loves to see results and effects, so it is a very effective strategy of social media marketing to include before and after stories. Since your industry works based on designs and buildings, you can easily show off the result of your designs and works compared to what it was before.

Highlight your Team

The public also gets pulled to see your team and who all are linked with the great brand. This creates a tag of authentic business and develops a feeling of trust in the minds of your prospective clients. If your team picture is clicked out of the professional setup, it creates more impact.

Develop relevant and appropriate content for peers

Another result-oriented strategy of social media marketing for architects is creating content for all fellow architects. Maybe technical or maybe some light mood memes related to your architecture industry is sure to create an impact among your community of architects and will make your favorite among your viewers.

Share valuable insights about your industry.

Even if you are trying to grab the attention of your viewers, you also need to appear professional at the same time. So, sharing informational posts and insights about the architecture industry, guides, tips, infographics will elevate your position in the minds of your prospective clients. The only thing that you need to maintain is that you create understandable and straightforward posts.

Engrave your Brand name

While you are on your mission to create your mark on social media, some of your posts may go viral. Every credit of such viral posts must come back to you. So, make it a must rule of your social media posting activity to put your logo or brand identification on every image or content that your brand identity is created while you share posts.

Make full use of video testimonials.

Another most effective way of catching trust is showcasing your testimonials as proof of your great work. Testimonials of any kind, video or written, work great in creating a prolonged sense of satisfaction in the minds of your prospective clients about your capability. So, it would help if you got your satisfied clients to talk few words for you and get it recorded or penned to be posted on your profiles.

You would benefit from social media marketing for your architecture firm if done in the right way.

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