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PPC or Pay-per-Click Management is an important digital marketing strategy for architects. It is a valuable strategy to rank at the top in search results. Standing at the top means more traffic, more leads, and more profits. But PPC has a lot to manage! Being a leading PPC agency in India for architects’ business and holding years of experience we offer you complete support to craft outstanding PPC campaigns. Our PPC campaigns are customized, focused, and result-driven solutions that help you outrank your competition and always rank high in the SERPs. To avail of PPC services for architects in India, contact our strategist now.


How PPC Helps Architects Business?

Investing your money in Google AdWords might seem a daunting task, but it is worth every penny. Get in touch with us to know more!

Quicker Results

The most amazing thing about Google AdWords is that it works faster than SEO. Google AdWords and SEO are search engine marketing techniques to generate more leads and traffic. We offer an optimized AdWords campaign that works quickly for architect business to grab first position in search.

Our campaign is more effective and faster than SEO because:

  • It focuses on numerous keywords at a time.
  • It can turn the campaign off or on whenever you wish.
  • Ads appearing on the top of the search page get more visibility.
  • We offer a transparent platform that lets you know what is happening with the ads. Our aim is to offer you instant visibility and long-term SEO success.

Greater Brand Awareness

Google AdWords is a great tool to boost clicks, traffic, conversions and to tell people about your brand. In SEO, the rank depends on the number of your searches and variations. Our aim is to boost brand awareness through display ads and search.

Consistent Performance

The AdWords campaign provided by us lets you keep a close eye on your performance. With our offerings, you can know about:

  • The person who clicked your ad
  • Numbers of leads generated
  • Volume of traffic received from AdWords to your site
  • Keywords generating the highest leads and traffic
  • Cost per lead
  • As a result, you gain higher chances to achieve optimal results.

Tackles Competition Better

Your competitors are running ads for their services and products and if you are not doing so, it can result in trouble for you. You can experience a huge business loss. It is necessary to keep an eye on the competitors and check the kinds of ads they run. Our Google AdWords service grabs the opportunities to let you stand out from the crowd. We offer elite advertising services.

Explore More Using Ads

AdWords is an excellent platform however it does not let you know about the practices done by other companies. A savior in this context is Google Analytics that let you know the following parameters:

  • For how long a visitor checked the page
  • The number of pages that he has visited
  • Bounce rate of the landing page
  • Information about returning and new visitors

We provide you vast data in hand to let you measure the performance of your Google Ads. This data is useful for content marketing and ranking better for organic search.

97% of consumers go online to find and research local products and services.

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Things Which are Included in Architects for PPC Services

The success of your PPC campaign begins by partnering with the right company. We are one of the best PPC marketing agencies for architects in India offering a wide range of PPC services.

Keyword Research and SelectionKeyword Research and Selection

One critical element for the success of your PPC campaign is to find relevant keywords for the ads. Our experts conduct in-depth keyword research to select the best terms to put your ads in front of the qualified leads. We identify suitable long-tail keywords that contain three or more words for reaching the qualified leads. Such keywords let you have a robust approach for your clients and allow you to gain better return on investment from your campaign’s budget.

Custom PPC CampaignCustom PPC Campaign

Every architecture firm is unique in terms of staff, company values, offerings, and others. For this reason, we offer custom PPC strategies tailored to the exclusive needs of your business. Our experts check thoroughly all your company values, goals, and agendas. We built a strategy engineered to help you reach the goals and customized the same to thrive success for your online business and outperform others.

Ad Placement on Bing and GoogleAd Placement on Bing and Google

If you are looking to market on numerous networks, we can help you run ads on Bing and Google. We help you search display, Gmail ads, and search campaigns. Our team optimizes the architect PPC ads for each platform to make sure you reach clients and hire them for your firm.

Expertly Curated Ad CopyExpertly Curated Ad Copy

To engage people with the architecture PPC ads, you want a captivating ad copy, which excited them to click on your ads. We house a team of experts that craft efficient ad copy for the firm to persuade more clicks. We also offer ad extensions to enhance ads and generate more clicks.

Bid ManagementBid Management

The advanced bid management service of our company offers strategic results and helps you optimize the bids to offer more from the budget. We can determine the top-performing keywords and regularly adjust bids for such terms to help you maximize your budget and pay less per click.

Ad TestingAd Testing

We make hard attempts to improve the ads and drive more clients to your architecture company. When you invest in our company, we regularly test the ad copy to make sure you put the best version of the ad.

Industry AnalysisIndustry Analysis

There are innumerable architect firms out there competing with each other to attract novel clients. It is essential that your ads outperform others. We explore and learn everything about your competitors and market to let you gain a perfect view of where you stand in this competitive arena. We fetch relevant information and build PPC campaigns, which let you stand out in the industry.

Google Analytics Track up and SetupGoogle Analytics Track up and Setup

While doing PPC for your architecture firm, you would like to keep track of your campaign’s performance. You want to invest your money into campaigns, which drive the best results and maximize ROI. We set up Google Analytics to track campaigns. Our experts monitor the ads performance and we make suggestions to improve the performance.

Advantages of Pay-Per-Click Management Solutions for Architects Business

Our Pay per click advertising for architects in India is a highly profitable technique allowing your ads to appear when such keywords are searched for.

Complete Control Over Your Ads CampaignComplete Control Over Your Ads Campaign

With our rich PPC services, you get complete control over the campaign for the way it looks, where it appears, how it runs, and how it reads. We offer a flexible dashboard for the users that allows convenient management of PPC ads. In addition to compelling ads, we offer extensions, which make it simple for your visitors to call your business, check your site, and provide the needed details to you. Hence, you have complete ownership of your campaign and full authority to decide which features to include and which one to exclude. You can select the time of day to run your ads.

Get Immediate ResultsGet Immediate Results

Right when you launch the campaign you can check how your ads are performing, like the number of people seeing your ad, people clicking on it and numbers of conversions. This technique gives you insight as to how your audience responds to the ad. In case the campaign is not performing well, you can make adjustments and make changes to perform better. You can see where the campaign falls short and if the campaign is performing well, you can check elements to bring success for the campaign. Instant results imply you can adjust the campaign to get most from your budget and enhance the budget to get the best ROI.

Get Returns on Your BudgetGet Returns on Your Budget

One great feature of PPC is that it controls the budget. You can set a standard to run campaigns. The flexible finance feature of your campaign is another reason why it is a preferred marketing strategy. Very less cost is involved to set up a PPC campaign. It is a great chance to capture leads and nurture them to get conversion. We have a dedicated team of experts that let you learn more about the PPC budget.

Earn Qualified LeadsEarn Qualified Leads

PPC is an excellent method to drive leads, which are more likely to make a buy. PPC visitors are 50% more likely to make a purchase than organic visitors. Such leads click on ads as they want to explore the business that fits their requirements best. They can make a purchase but have to find the right business that fits search. Keyword selection is extremely important and helps you draw in leads, which are most interesting in the industry business. It is a great method to draw leads, which are interested in the business.

PPC is an excellent strategy to bring your architecture business among the masses. It can help you earn uncountable clients for your business in a short time period. We are a full—service Google Ads Agency for Architects in India that offers innumerable services along with custom PPC solutions.
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