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Turnkey Web Based Applications

We can customize our web applications so that they match your exact business needs!


SEOFIED is a trusted web solutions provider with over 10 years' experience in delivering a full spectrum of web development services to clients across the globe. Here you can find a large variety of high standard commercial Web based applications that can be customized as per your business Models. Browse our comprehensive collection of web applications and find the software products that will boost your website functionality and test their demo versions.

Agriculture Digital Marketing Application

- Agriculture -

Why Agriculture Sector needs Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Platforms are playing the role of a bridge in connecting farming and nonfarming sectors. As digital media is growing rapidly the digital savvy consumers and agriculture allied businesses have started looking for information online to reach out to the farmers. On the other hand, Farmers searching and comparing storage, milling, processing, packaging, fertilizers, pesticides, farm equipment’s, machinery, electricity, and repair services online. Don't fall out in the era of growth.

How Digital Marketing is actually done here?

At SEOFIED, we understand how to help your business stand out on searches, local maps, and other online spaces. We sew the success of your online presence and standing. We monitor keywords, pen unique content, and optimize webpages to make sure you stand apart. SEOFIED's clients are happy because of the promising team and every individual.

What will be the benefit to my business?

Download this case study to find the benefits of our Digital Strategy.

- Medical -

Why Digital Marketing is a must for Health Care Industry?

The only reason you need to have a Digital Marketing Strategy is your help seekers are now online on mobile devices. And searching for a solution to their health issues. So Health Care Industry cannot neglect Digital Marketing.

How SEOFIED can help you?

SEOFIED's team of Marketing Strategy Development is promising and truly dedicated to delivering the best strategy and Idea for Branding, Retention Customer Satisfaction.

What will you get? Is this what you want to know.

Listen, what your competitors have to say. Download the case study and walk through.

Digital Marketing Application for Health Care Industry
Digital Marketing Application for Real Estate Industry

- Real Estate -

Why do Realtors need Digital Marketing?

The journey of a property buyer and seller is critical. 100s of research before visiting the actual property. Property buyers/sellers start their search from Google and develop the trust with social proofs and end up by signing on dotted lines. Imagine you do not appear anywhere on the Internet except a website with unrelenting user-friendliness. What the client will do? Quit on you and your website.

How do I start the Digital Marketing?

Let SEOFIED do the math and hard work for you. And you can keep closing more deals.

SEOFIED has a proven track record of generating 105 leads in 2 days for one of your competitors. Download the case study and checkout.

- Restaurants -

Why Digital Marketing for Restaurants?

Look at your customer. And ask yourself do you need a repeat business or one time? I'm sure the answer is a repeat and continuous business. As you need Oxygen(O2) for life, a continuous and repeat business life too needs customer engagement. don't you think so?

How would I reach them and engage? Is this question making you restless?

Restaurants like KFC and ICE were asking the same questions. They are successful because of happy customers. SEOFIED gives you the freedom to focus and improve your service quality by managing all your Marketing needs. We at SEOFIED are proud to help the business grow and create a better world for living. What if our Happy Clients share their work experience with you and let you know what they have achieved with us.

Digital Marketing Application for Restaurant
Web application for Pet trainers and owners

- Pet's -

Digital Marketing for Pet's Seller?

Digital Marketing gives you a clear window for an understanding of your customer as possible. What are they like? What do they like? What are the problems they want to solve when they look for the products you are selling? Traditional marketing is one way. Digital Marketing is conversational. It does help in serving better to your valued customer and understands the needs.

How do I do Digital Marketing?

We would suggest starting small with Social Media marketing with a budget of $3000/month for a quarter.It's better you walk through the case studies for a clear picture.

What will I get?

Have a look at these videos... you will find your answer.

- Food & Beverages -

Why Industry like food & beverages need Digital Marketing?

It's straight and clear. You’re missing out on important tools that could increase brand awareness, cross-selling, distribution, shelf visibility, and many more.

Not Sure! How to Develop and Implement a perfect Digital Marketing Strategy?

Let SEOFIED's best marketing brains do the hard work. You focus on producing quality products. How about a free consulting? Is that a yes? Set an appointment here

What will I get out of the Digital Marketing Strategy?

SEOFIED's clients in Food & Beverages Industry will let you know. Download the case study here.

Digital Marketing Application for Food & Beverages Industry
Travel And Tourism Apps Development

- Travel and Tourism -

I'm into travel and tourism business. Why do I need Digital Marketing?

Travel and Tourism business is being very badly affected by the Digital Development. 1000s of examples available. You can do a fact check. You need Digital Marketing to reach your potential Guest searching for packages on mobile device and desktops. Looking for social proofs to confirm bookings and make payment. Are you sure you don't want to be on the mobile screen of a potential guest? Digital Marketing provides a one-stop solution to all your pre and post-marketing needs.

How can I start the Digital Marketing? I'm a soloprenure.

Relax 63% of Travel Agencies are soloprenuers. You are not the first of it's kind. When it comes to Digital Marketing, SEOFIED's result oriented digital strategy will boost up your business in just 45 working days.

Isn't it unbelievable? Book an appointment here for a free consultation and try for free.

Can you tell me what will I get at the end?

It's a very common question we answer every single day. In fact, it's very interesting.

  • You will get Confidence to Run a Soloprenuer Business.
  • 24/7 Available consultants to work with you.
  • Digital Journey Partner.
  • Guaranteed 30 conversions in first 90 working days. Download the case study and do a fact check.
  • You will be able to stay ahead of the competition.

- Salons and Spas -

Is really Digital Marketing a need for Salons and Spas?

Before you say YES or NO. Let's have a look at the stats from Google Search and Trend.

  • 61% of potential customers inbound from search engine marketing.
  • 54% of the online displays.
  • 30% of potential beauty salon clients are more likely to start online searches from online advertising.
  • 31% from Yellow Pages (online).

Are you thinking how and where to start?

  • First thing first we suggest starting with Local SEO, SEO, and Social Media. Let the traffic come in and generate revenue.
  • It's the time now to use SEOFIED's analytics and understand the customer.
  • Dive into precise targetted marketing.

This what you have achieved after the first quarter.

  • Confidence in running your startup.
  • A true Digital Partner to be with you in every up and down of marketing.
  • Increase in profit and customer satisfaction.
  • Brand awareness.
Web & mobile application development for Salons & Spas
Retail Chain Shopping Application Development

- Retail Chain Shopping -

Why Retail Chain Shopping needs digital marketing?

Digital Marketing reduces the cost of customer acquisition, Increase customer retention rate, deep involvement in understanding buyer's need and interest.

Let's take an example you run a traditional offer campaign invested $30000 and got 3000 store visitors. But the sales output is just 1500, can you tell where did you lack in conversion? How will you retarget the abandoned carts? What is your cost of customer acquisition? What is the recall value of your store? Digital Marketing has the answer to all the critical question your marketing road map can face.

I'm I correct you want to know How?

SEOFIED have proven Digital Strategies to change the perspective of marketing for you. Here is what you can do now. Download the Case Study and find out you're "how"

What will you get working with SEOFIED?

SEOFIED can provide you 3 things.

  • Reduce the Cost of Customer Acquisition.
  • Increase your brand recall value.
  • High ROI and make your brand get rid of marketing challenges.

- Finance -

Why Financial Institution like Bank and Insurance Companies should adapt to Digital Marketing Forms.

Adapting and implementing Digital Marketing for Banks and other financial institutions is quite slow. Because it's a lengthy process and needs more time. As the Digital Trend is growing faster every single day, new technical advancements mean all Financial Institutions dependent on customer retention, acquisition, and developing great customer relationships need to keep up. This is especially useful for financial institutions which are heavily dependent on retention rates and referrals. Financial Institutions adapting to these changes are experiencing exponential growth and those that don’t will have to keep fighting for survival.

How to Implement the Digital Marketing Strategy?

It's the King of Digital Marketing "Content" can alone fill the marketing gaps. But reaching only is not enough to get ROI. You have to understand the needs and behavior of the user. Checkout SEOFIED's recent Case Study on how Bank Pvt Ltd is experiencing growth in customer acquisition and retention.

That's okay, but what SEOFIED Marketing Plan actually do?

  • SEOFIED's Marketing Strategy fills the communication and interaction Gap between the customer and your Financial Institution.
  • Hassel free support on technology and marketing challenges.
  • Let SEOFIED's client tell you more about their work experience with us. And what SEOFIED marketing plan did for Bank Pvt.Ltd.
Online Form Fill up Application development for Financial Companies
Application Development for Export & Import Traders

- EX-IM Traders -

Why Digital Marketing is Crucial for EX-IM traders?

Let me ask you this. Why do you think it's not important? Digital Marketing is the only platform to address your concerns, objectives, and achievements. Let me walk you through in detail

Traditional Marketing is effective to just promote the product using Banners, billboards, pamphlets, print advertising, word-of-mouth, and business cards. Application of these channels needs an understanding, study of culture, buying behaviors of the particular countries and generate a huge demand for investments. Digital Marketing is powered by Analytics and tools like Adobe Experience Manager is doing wonders in understanding buying, selling, religious views, culture nature of business and many more to reduce the Marketing Investment and development of precise target marketing. Isn't it easy to hit the target when it's clear?

Are you thinking How to start the Digital Journey?

Without spending time on reading 10,000 words piece of Info. Better you schedule a free consultation with SEOFIED.

What will you get?

  • A Digital Journey Partner
  • Handholding in understanding new market nuances and every detail.
  • Get rid of marketing challenges.
  • Revenue generation.

- Management Industry -

Why Event Management Industry needs Digital Marketing.

It's a very common question every small and medium Event Company asks. Imagine you lost Deal to a low-cost competitor newly born Event Company gets maximum deals closed and you feel competition. Where are you lacking after providing great service? Only a handful of previous customers to serve, almost zero inward flow of new clients. The real reason is you don't understand and engage your visitors and customers.

How to implement Digital Marketing plan of Action?

Don't just get too excited and over-ambitious with Digital Marketing. You need a perfect strategy to implement. Things to gather before hoping into Digital Marketing. Age, gender, where they live but also dig deeper and think about what they do for a living, how much they earn, what problems they encounter day to day, where do they go to find information? (social, google, websites, apps, etc.) The more you know your audience, the better your Strategy will work.

What will your Event Company achieve through a Digital Marketing Plan?

  • thing SEOFIED's Digital Marketing Plan guarantees to Event Management Company.
  • Branding and Business
  • Time for you to fully focus on Event Management rather than Marketing hurdles.
  • How about a Succes Story and Case Study on Event Management? Okay, yes download it here.
web development for events management company
Web development for entertainment and multimedia sites

- Entertainment -

Why Digital Marketing is for Entertainment?

Up to 2003 Entertainment Industry was struggling to get a clear picture of ROI. Since the investments for any entertainment packet is in millions so, it's crucial for the industry to find the ROI in marketing.

Digital Marketing typically changes the marketing view and thanks to Analytics you can now have a clear picture of marketing ROI.

How Digital Marketing should be done then?

Since digital marketing roots are now deeply embedded in understanding audience choice. These 3 things are crucial before implementing any digital strategy.

  • Better Fan Engagement.
  • Deeper Segmentation of Audience.
  • Demographics Targeting and Re-targeting.

What will you achieve?

Well, let's dive into some facts and figures. Here are a few success stories of achievement download and check yourself.

- Education -

Why Educational Institution Needs Digital Strategy and Technology?

This is an Era of competition. How Educational Institution can escape from? Parents and Guardian's search now starts from "Hey Google" and Ends at Social Proofs. Be search ready with social proofs and win the game. Sounds easy, isn't it? Well, the truth is it's not that easy. You need an implementable Digital Marketing Strategy and clear picture of Parent's need.

How Digital Marketing Strategy and Technology empower Education Sector.

Since 2010 SEOFIED had worked with 50+ Educational Institutions to empower education irrespective of countries and location.

Applying Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementing technology in classrooms should move hand in hand. SEOFIED's developed Tools and strategy can change your Institution's performance in producing the best brains for planet earth. Book a 4-minute demo now.

What will you achieve with us?

  • You will have more time to spend on improving the quality of teaching.
  • You can proudly participate in producing the best brains in Technology, Social Development, and many more.
  • Make your country powerful with a performance-oriented education system.
  • Download case studies and let us know if you wish to empower your classrooms and country.
Web Development for Education Industry
Online bookings management system for maid services and cleaning companies

- Domestic Service -

Why Domestic Service Providers need Digital Marketing?

Domestic Service is something every individual every household needs. It's time to rethink and reimagine the way of doing marketing to get in touch with potential clients. It's never the competition a challenge for Domestic Service Providers rather the way of doing marketing of services. Old school ideas or the traditional way of doing marketing is now almost dead in developed countries like the United States. Dear Domestic Service providers, It's time to reach your customer in a very personalized manner. Don't you think so?

But, how to do Digital Marketing for Domestic Service Providers?

Let me walk you through an analogy. You planned to relocate from Santa Clara, California to Nevada. What would you need first? A cleaning service provider or may be Domestic Service provider in Nevada isn't it? How will you find one? Do a Google Search " Domestic Service Provider near me" right? or Maybe a Social Media Search. What if your business is not online. It's simple you lost it and struggle for business.

What Digital Marketing Can do for you?

Digital Marketing can take your business to the next level with a very minimum Investment. Wait a minute why don't you download our Case Studies on Domestic Service Businesses for better understanding of Digital Marketing significance in your niche.

- Automotive -

Digital Strategy a must have in the Automotive Sector. Why?

The journey of an Automobile Buyer is critical and interesting too. With the rise of Digital Networks and the availability of information. Automobile customers do 100s of research before 2 months from date of paying a visit to Local Automobile dealer. Ask yourself when did you purchase the last precision product and where did you research about it? Interact with your next customer and figure out his/her experience of Digital Journey with your brand. Customer visits your Dealer point is the result of a perfect Digital Strategy for User Engagement.

How Digital Marketing and Data Analytics Transforming Automotive Business?

Digital Marketing Strategy is effective only if the continuity is maintained. Automobile Brands like Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) always strive to engage customers to gain trust and build long term relation. Thanks to Technology advancement in Digital Marketing, which helps to understand user behavior and implement a precise marketing strategy. Why don't you have a look at our recent case study on a very known brand? Case Study KIA Motors.

What you actually achieve through Digital Marketing?

Four things you can achieve in a Data-Driven Digital Marketing

  • Reduction in marketing cost
  • Precise and target marketing
  • Product enhancement
  • Maintaining Brand Value.
web scheduling solutions for automotive service departments

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