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  • What Sort of Results can be expected out of the SEO Campaign?

    Improvement in ranks will lead to increase in relevant traffic from various sources. More Traffic = More Leads. More Leads = More conversions.

  • How Long Does SEO Take?

    Every campaign with SEOFIED is unique. For SEO campaigns, ranking improvements can be seen as early as the first month. Keep in mind, SEO is more of a marathon than a sprint. PPC and Lead Generation results are almost instant whereas Reputation Management results can take up to 3 months

  • For how much time do I need to invest In SEO?

    SEO is an ongoing process as your competitors always try hard to fetch your place on the ranking table, hence executing SEO for a particular time period is never a promising idea. On the other way round, one cannot expect that he/she will invest once & rule the 1st place in search engines for life-time. Nothing is permanent, neither the rankings, nor the algorithms. Google keeps on updating its algorithm every now & then for better user experience; hence one needs to keep his SEO strategy implementation at its best.

  • Is your work in-line with the latest updates of Google algorithm?

    Absolutely, our team spends a lot of time in researching about latest developments in the SEO world; hence our work is always abreast with latest updates of Google algorithms.

  • How Long has SEOFIED been in business ?

    We opened our doors in 2008 and have been growing ever since.

  • How do I cancel services ?

    Should you wish to cancel, we require a written notice via email or letter. Letting your project manager know you wish to cancel will allow our team to make the necessary changes to your campaign. Please keep in mind that should you cancel, you will be billed for last month before the campaign is finalized.

  • How much does SEO Cost ?

    Depending on the type of SEO services, and the way the services are billed, the cost of SEO can range anywhere from $50-$700 per hour or $500-$10,000 per month. Get a more detailed answer to this question in our SEO Pricing Guide.

  • What will be the process after I Sign up?

    After sign up, you will be assigned a SEO Project Manager, who along with his team of minimum 3-4 experts will be working on your project. The SEO Project manager will have a quick word with you to make sure that things are on the same page. His team will subsequently start with the review & competitor analysis. Once completed, the SEO PM will then send you the most likely keywords to be optimized. You can select the keywords to be optimized & then team starts working on it.

  • Do I need to sign any contract with your company?

    The answer is, not really! We don’t believe in bounding our clients with any sort of contract as we simply believe that quality work lasts longer than a contract. Hence, we prefer going by it.

  • Is there any guarantee of results?

    The answer is, not really! We believe in our team who have a decade of experience in SEO. As SEO is completely based on Search Engine Results we cant give any sort of Guarantee on SEO results .

  • What is an SEO guarantee ?

    An SEO guarantee is where an SEO provider guarantees to return all or a portion of the fees if it cannot produce the types of results agreed upon as part of the service agreement. Generally, guaranteed SEO results are simply a sales tactic, as no SEO company can guarantee result; however, they can offer a refund if you are unsatisfied with the results. Do keep in mind that the guarantee agreement is not convoluted or stacked against the customer.

  • Which is better for my business SEO or SEM or PPC or All ?

    SEO & SEM are different in their roles in the marketing efforts of a business. SEO is best suited for long-term strategy for already-profitable businesses, whereas SEM is able to produce quick results, but still requires optimization and monitoring for long-term profitability.

  • Why is my website not ranking ?

    If you’ve attempted SEO in the past and can’t seem to rank, this could be due to a number of reasons. The first reason could be you have a Google penalty. Sometimes people are working with an active Google penalty and don’t even know it. Other reasons might be that you just haven’t done SEO correctly or you are in a super competitive niche. Think about the industry “auto insurance.” In Delray Beach alone there are dozens of insurance agencies. Tens of thousands or more nation wide. Some of these such as Progressive and Nationwide have multi-million dollar budgets dedicated to SEO. Now imagine a small mom and pop insurance agency trying to compete with them in any city. These larger companies not only want to rank on Google nationwide, but they want to rank in every major city from Charlotte to Sheboygan.

  • Should I start SEO before or after my website is built ?

    We highly recommend that SEO is implemented during the creation of your website. It is might easier to build SEO into your website during the creation phase than to build it in after the fact. Imagine the first time you go on a date with someone. You want to be sure you have the best manners, smell great and look ravishing. Similarly with SEO, the first time Google sees your website you want to make sure it loads fast, has the right keywords implemented, and looks great. You don’t want Google to see an un-optimized version of your website the first time it crawls your website.

  • What should I measure to choose best SEO Provider ?

    The Experince and the results and the portfolio they have must checked for best SEO provider