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SEOFIED is all about helping wide variety of small and medium sized businesses from all over the globe to grow and prosper by utilizing innovative and proven techniques for website development, digital marketing and Social Media management. We continuously test and discover new creative ways to achieve your business goals and ensure great results like driving quality traffic, increasing conversions and generating great revenues.

The driving force of SEOFIED is the company’s CEO and Founder- Mr. Dinesh Das, Managing Director- Mr. Deepak Kumar Das and Internet Marketing Technical Manager- Mr. Chitta Ranjan Sarangi. Their motivation and guidance acts as a catalyst in recharging the skilled and expert team of SEOFIED. Having decades of combined digital marketing and web development experience, we excel in providing industry best and value for money service to highly valued customers.

Our USP (Unique Selling Point) is transparency, co-operation, honesty, fair pricing and customized solutions.

Who We Are:

Hub of Innovation and Excellence

SEOFIED always strive to deliver maximum productivity by implementing high performing methodologies and campaigns. Our team of industry best SEO/digital marketing experts and web developers use the highest ethical techniques and strategies to earn you an organic and productive search result. We are proud to have highly talented, skilled and dedicated professionals who execute the day-to-day task in a healthy and thriving work environment.

Our main aim is to help businesses in reaping better returns on their online marketing expenditure, sell more goods for e-commerce sites, emerge as a leader in their geographic areas and experience strong brand reputation. We are trusted for our experience, expertise and credibility by various businesses across the globe. Our comprehensive projects are based on search engine optimization, social media optimization, web designing and web development services.

Honest and Ethical Approach

SEOFIED is a most reliable SEO company that works with various “White Hat SEO” techniques. We ensure in implementing ethical SEO strategies that are appraised and accepted by all leading search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEOFIED focus on utilizing integrated approach to plan customized plan based on goals, technology and resources.

Driven by the combination of great team work, commitment and simplicity, our expert team loves to take on challenges and convert them into favorable as well as productive results for the clients. We strive for creating meaningful and ensuring relationship with the clients by instilling core values like adaptation, dedication, expertise and integrity.

We are an innovative platform that offers complete transparency.

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