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Car Rental Booking Website

Get a full-fledged Car Rental booking website to manage fleet and bookings online

We are a professional web design and development company that specializes in creating websites for the car and taxi rental business. Our goal is to provide our customers with a complete car rental booking engine that could reflect the full service offered by a number of featured car rental suppliers, without compromising the speed and accuracy of multiple connections. Our Car rental booking system has the latest technologies and designed for global small-to-large rental businesses both B2B and B2C to enhance their services. It gives the customer an instant view of availability rates and instant booking confirmation.

Product Highlights

  • SSL Certificate

    1 Year SSL Certificate Included - protect private information, passwords submitted to your website. Visitors browse with confidence, knowing the information they enter on any secured page is protected. An SSL (HTTPS) will also help boost your search rankings on Google.

  • FREE Hosting

    1 Year Free Hosting Included. High Speed page load times and solid-state reliability in the industry. 99.9% uptime guarantee with unlimited storage and bandwidth.

  • FREE Domain

    12 Month Free registration included. Choose any available domain name and we’ll handle the rest.

  • Online Payment Methods

    Customers can pay online through various payment methods.

  • Responsive Website Design

    5 Pages – example: Home, About Us, Fleet & Rates, Locations, Contact Us. *You can always add unlimited pages on your own or we’ll be happy to quote you for page additions.

  • Fleet Management

    Add and manage multiple car types (e.g. Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, Van), specify their features and extras, show number of cars by type, and create a great image gallery for each vehicle.

  • Driver Management

    Add and manage drivers to the portal and connect them with their respective car model they have with the vehicle registration no.

  • Province Management

    Add and manage State with their province code. Also you can Manage Vehicle rates as per cities with some heading and description.

  • Pool Management

    Manage pool details for each location with minimum people, maximum people, price/person, Total included Luggage, Extra luggage price, List of timings.

  • Manage Car Bookings

    In this module, Admin can review all car bookings in one place. And also add, edit, and delete bookings, manage customer data and locations.

  • Booking Reports

    Booking reports and timetable daily schedule statistics help you keep track of bookings on a date-to-date basis.

Get a Complete Car Rental Reservation Website at Just 25000/- Only

Taxi & Cab Booking Website Features

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