SEOFIED Earns the Prestigious Google Partner Badge

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Author : Deepak Kumar Das |

SEOFIED IT Services Pvt Ltd is now an official Google Partner by earning the prestigious Google Partner Badge and Status for their excellence in the field of digital marketing and advertising.


SEOFIED, a growing digital marketing agency from India has become a certified Google Partner by earning the prestigious badge and status. Google awards Partner status to selective businesses who have passed the criteria to become a Partner by maintaining set training and performance standards over a period of time. SEOFIED has earned this status by having our employees certified in Google AdWords, managing multiple AdWords campaign while continuing to maintain ethical business practices and set Google’s standards.

With this status SEOFIED now has access to a wide range of information and support, which makes them capable of delivering the advanced digital marketing services to their clients.

The Importance of Google Partnership Badge:

“Google Partners” is Google’s own holistic program that is specially designed to support digital marketing and advertising agencies. As an agency certification program, the Google Partner Badge recognizes companies that excel with Google’s products, earns specialist certification in search advertising, display advertising, Google Analytics and mobile sites.

Acquiring the Google Partnership Badge is a testament to their team’s comprehensive knowledge of the latest Google Products. This makes SEOFIED efficient in controlling and managing Google’s key marketing tools and applies them to their client campaigns, which ensures efficient solutions and the best possible return on investment. The accreditation is a proof that SEOFIED is committed to keeping up with the best-paid search practices.

Google Partners are known for developing healthy businesses, utilizing Google’s best practices, maintaining honest, intensive business principles and having a long list of happy clients.

The Advantage of Working with a Certified Google Partner:

Expertise: Google Partners are certified experts in one or more areas of digital marketing. At SEOFIED they have employees with individual Google certification in Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Google Analytics IQ and Mobile Sites. Having the digital marketing campaign managed by such recognized experts bring the much needed in-depth knowledge in a specialized field, often resulting in favourable outcome.

Quality Service: Digital marketing evolves over-time and consultants are required to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest technology, methodology and trends. Companies seeking Google Partner status are required to have their employees Adwords Certified. And, upon achieving the status, they are required to maintain the certificate in order to retain the Partner status. This translates to a consistent level of expert and reliable services for clients.

Exclusive Access to Beta Features: Google Partners often get access to Google’s beta features allowing them to test and use certain features and applications much before the release to general public. Clients can take advantage to beta features and stay ahead of their competition and become early adopters.

Google Partners Celebration at SEOFIED

Dinesh Kumar Das, CEO of SEOFIED quoted “SEOFIED is proud to earn the prestigious Google Partner Badge and Status. It is a company-wide effort that has made this possible. We have grown from a home-office start-up to a Google Partner Company now with over 70 employees thanks to our clients. Achievements like these motivate us to further strengthen our expertise and grow our client-base. We strive to make the most of our Google Partner status and help our clients realize their digital marketing goals. … .”

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